What is co-loading?

Export and import trades often use the term co loading, especially in the area of freight forwarding. What does co loading mean? How does co loading work?  In import export trade, co loading refers to the process by which cargo is transferred by one carrier to another, which may be a freight forwarder or a shipping company. Co loading is particularly common in less container load transactions. Know more about international import and export and start your business with us.  Some LCL shipments involve the freight forwarder co-loading the cargo at another freight forwarder’s final destination. These carriers are called co-loaders.  There is a danger in co-loading with more than two freight forwarders, as it makes the process of destination delivery order charges and formalities more complicated for shippers and consignees rather than reducing monitory loss.  Using a co-loader could reduce transportation costs, as some of the co-loaders offer competitive shipping rates to various locations. If moved through a co-loader, the carriage fees could be lower. A co-loader can provide an advantage, but it must be balanced with the delivery charges and other inconveniences if more than one is involved.    Co Loading is only possible when- Product compatibility, or handling of products in the same manner, is required. Geographically, origins and destinations should be located close to one another. Join our export import course online and start your first trade in just 60 days. Did you enjoy our article about Co loading? The information provided above is part of our Online Export Import Training course.  

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