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Start Your International Business

Free Training - Free Consultancy

"Direct Export Trade (DXT)"

01 Country - 05 Producrs - Personal Visit

Guaranteed International Trade

Be A Part Of 36 Years Old EXIM Group

About KTD - Ambica Group

One Exclusive Project Only For Direct Export Trade (DXT)

Who All Can Be Eligible ?

01. Manufacturers

02. Traders

03. Employees

04. Students

05. Anyone who Has Wasted Time & Money In EXIM Training

NOT Another Program To
Teach You Or Guide You, It Is
Direct Export Trade (DXT)

FIRST & ONLY Project Across India
DIRECT Communication

Don't Believe Us - Believe our 35 years of Proven Experience

The proof of our 35 years of existence
(Exporter License)

DXM Kavit Ashwin Shah
– Loved by Media as well.


This Program is designed for
Direct Export Trade (DXT)
That Guarantees Sustainable Business With The Best Profitable Products.

Innovate, export, succeed!

Seize global opportunities.

Explore New Markets.

Explore New Products.

Visit Them Personally, With

DXM Kavit Ashwin Shah

"Project DXT" : Inclusions

Selection 01 Country That We Will Conquer Trade-Wise

Detailed Knowledge of Country Summarised By Experts, For You.

Choosing 05 Top Imported Products of The Country.

Comprehensive Details About The Product To Help You Sell Better.

Making Your Strengths Shine Bright To Buyers Across Globe.

Showcasing Your Company In The Best Light To Ensure 100% Trust

We Will Create 05 Amazing Brand Names & Logos For Your Products.

Delivering All Brand Details For 05 Brands

Share All The Important Details About Your Product - In Style

Get 05 Amazingly Custom Designed Websites With 1-Year Hosting.

Genuine & Verified List of Suppliers - For Fast Trade.

Verified Buyers' List For 5 Products & Zero Marketing Cost./p>

5-Days Direct Communication For International Meeting Set-Up

Not Just Buyers, We Ensure You Get Investors Too!

Own International Offices, At Lowest Cost - Possible Only With DX

It's Time To Conquer What's Yours - Guided By DXM, LIVE!

Embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with exporting.
It's Not Just About Profits, It's About Learning, Growing & Building A Legacy Too!
Create Opportunities By Converting A Country Into Your Market.

Take Control Over Your Business

The World Is Waiting For You

JOIN US To Start
Direct Export Trade (DXT)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will I Get Theory Training?

No, With PXMT, You will only get LIVE practical guidance for Direct Trade Implementation. For the theory aspect, you shall be provided with 100+ Hours of Videos which Shall Be Updated Regularly.

2. Will I Get Set Up From Digital Exim?

DX will guide you with entire process from start to end, you don't need to take any decisions or feel confused - you just need to follow instructions and it will be done.

3. What is the duration of support on WhatsApp?

The Phase I is for 15 days and you shall receive complete support LIVE and personalized on WhatsApp for that duration in working hours.

4. Is there any way I can get Scholarship Guaranteed?

The scholarship fees is given to DX by Participants & Difference by various beneficiary who donate for the betterment of the nation. If the seats allotted by them are over, you cannot get Scholarship.

5. Who Will Give Personal Guidance?

Complete Guidance Will Be Given Personally By DXM Kavit Ashwin Shah Himself.

6. When can I Start Phase II?

Phase II is an exclusive club , not for all. Once you complete the Phase I, based on your profile, DXM himself invites you for Phase II.

7. Is The World of Export For me?

The answer to that can only be given by you and to help you find that answer we have divided our Flagship Program in Two Phases.



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