Role of the Indian Embassy in Export Import

Export import has become the need of the hour for any country and its economical growth. Import export classes online make the best way to explain international trade and its factors. Import export course in Ahmedabad suggests how the Indian embassy can help you in export import. Exporting or importing products from a country which has an Indian Embassy can make your trade process much easier and more reliable. Here’s how the Indian Embassy can help you in export import.

1 Finding Buyer/ Seller-

Finding a buyer or seller in a different country with no contact can be difficult. To make it easy for you, the Indian Embassy provides you with a list of buyers and sellers of the country you want to export or import. They provide a directory so that you can find buyers and sellers easily and for free. The Indian embassy is spread across more than 200 countries.   For example- You want to export sugar in the USA, approach the Indian embassy located in the USA to get best buyer details for your product. Similarly goes while importing.

2 Verifying buyers/ seller-

Once you get your buyer or seller and want to verify the person, the Indian embassy situated in that country can help you. Getting a trustworthy trade partner is a must for successful business. You just have to mail the embassy to get your verification done. Email them details- name, company, business registration, phone number, address. 

3 Helps in dealing with fraud- 

The Indian embassy will also help you if you are frauded by your partner. You can complain your problem in the embassy and the embassy will contact to Chamber of Commerce of the specific country and ask them to help it out. For example- You have exported your product to the USA, you have delivered your product but haven’t received the payment, you realised the buyer was a fraud. In this case you can complain to the Indian embassy located in the USA. The Indian embassy will contact the chamber of commerce of the USA and will try to figure out the best possible way to solve your problem. Digital Exim is one among India’s oldest and most experienced consultancy which provides export, import, shipping & logistics programs. We give you training and personal consultancy with our years of experienced trade managers. Attend live classes, interact with them. Go for one to one doubt solving sessions and get your problem solved.  

How many embassies are there in India?

Talking about the embassies there are about 100 foreign embassies and 136 consulates placed in the territory of India. So, if you were thinking of starting an export import business but was afraid to get cheated, now you can freely start your trade business without any tension. You get everything through our embassy from list to verification. It also helps in motivating the traders for more trade.  For more information related to export import business join import export business training and get better results in your business.   Do give us a visit! 

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