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Explore Top 7 Career Opportunities in the Export Import Industry!

Export Import career has the potential to earn you millions undoubtedly. Also, the more you go in deep, you might just keep on exploring & advancing. Every business field has both a darker & brighter side. Same goes with the career in the import export industry as well.


“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” 

-B.B. King


Quick Look of Exim Industry


International Trade is not only about earning from foreign countries but to regulate the economic activities as well. In the Export Import Industry of the world, India is a major player. Exim policy keeps on updating every 5 year commonly announced by the union minister of commerce & industry & directorate general of foreign trade. Overall, There are bucket full of opportunities in export import business.

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Export Import – Big Role For Present & Future

India is a key player in the export import industry. Export import career is highly affected during the pandemic. Still there is a steady growth even after this next to the great depression time period of corona. Export Import Industry gives huge employment opportunities, foreign profit, domestic revenue & much more. This export import field is amazingly wide in so many ways from small start-ups to large scale International deals. Both the competition & potential is very high that directly boosts India’s Economy. From Imports too, the ratio of growth is notably high unlike the current earlier stages of pandemic. The government is supportive whether it’s an import or export, we just need to start believing in our product. That’s all.

A career filled with Challenges & Victories 


Career in the import export industry is filled with challenges & victories. The reason I say challenges is because this is what one needs to face at any time. I don’t want to scare anyone but fact is fact. I cannot just say that this field is the easiest field from where you can earn millions easily. No! Export Import is not too easy & not too complicated as well. But I am very sure that chances of good growth is high if you first take an export import course.


Scope After Export Import Course 

Business opportunities are countless in the export import field only if things are executed well. Digital Exim, are the pioneers in making the future entrepreneurs. Till now Digital Exim has made more than 10K successful International trades through different import export courses. Those who join us through enrolling in our programs, we not only train or guide them but really provide career opportunities too. Through practical training our experts set a formal relationship with every student but if anyone comes to us with hope of a career, we don’t disappoint. Our expert team sees the vision first & then gives wings to the exporter or importer. After completing our program, the students are naturally motivated enough to create their path toward success. Also, we give them a certificate as well that makes a positive impact for the future.

Top Career Options In Export Import Field

1) Export Sales Manager: For generating & enhancing for the sales of products internationally. Tapping the most potential customers is what comes in the export sales manager role.


2) Exim Executive: The major job role here is documentation works. This includes EPCG, MEIS, Duty Drawback, & DGFT depending on the company.


3) Senior Manager: Coordination with Custom House agent, freight negotiation with shipping company, preparation of shipment documents & other tasks can be seen here.


4) Custom House Agent (CHA): Custom House Agents work like a Legal advisor, they suggest the correct classifications of good. Whenever custom officers raise the query then CHA resolves the same.


5) Top Level Posts: You can be the CEO or the chairman of your business if you start your export import journey from your own. The Top positions in the export import field come with greater risks & responsibilities.


6) Executive Documentation in Exim: In this job too, the executive needs to do the major paperwork for exports or imports.


7) Export Accounting Manager: Preparing export import profit & loss & balance sheet related to cash flow. There are many other roles in the bag of export accounting manager.


Conclusion: As mentioned earlier, an export import career is very exciting but challenging as well. There are many career opportunities or rather we can say in a specific designation. Whether you choose to lead from the front or back, you will be benefited if you choose right course. Say Hi to Digital Exim, India’s most growing consultancy group with the best export import course. Call on 9505506333 to start exploring.


Kavit Shah

Founder of Impexperts & Digital EximSharing the 33+ years of experience in the Exim Industry, with the aim to help every Indian Entrepreneur achieve their Business Goal!

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