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Role Of Custom House Agent In International Trade

Who is CHA? What is his role? Which type of Exporters hires them? To shed more light on these questions, you have landed in the right place.

 “It is not mandatory to hire a CHA but it all depends upon the Firm or businessman.” 

Custom House Agents work as a Legal advisor, they suggest the correct classifications of good. Whenever custom officers raise the query then CHA resolves the same. In short, the A to Z customs clearance process is done by CHA.

CHA are the masters of Customs in International Export Import. They have all the required knowledge of the matter. We can say that the customs clearance process becomes easy with the help of CHA in trading. CHA cannot charge more than the rates approved by the commissioner though their charges are negotiable. That’s quite an advantage for all the exporters who hire CHA for their Exports. It is not mandatory to hire a CHA but it all depends upon the Firm or businessman. 

In International Trade, hiring CHA does not mean that exporters can misuse them or CHA also needs to stick to the limits of rules and regulations. Although that’s just a consequence that might happen 3% of the times. CHA must advise the client and impart correct, relevant information for the clearance of cargo or baggage.

In Export Import Trade, the roles and responsibilities of a CHA are vital to the whole business. Establishing and maintaining a good relationship status with CHA can prove to be beneficial to the export businessmen. With the change in government policies for Export Import Trade, the Scope of work for custom house agent in India is widening.

The Person has to obtain a valid license issued by the commissioner of Customs under section 146 of the Customs Act, 1962 as per Customs House. Agents Licensing Regulations, 1984 in order to be accepted as a Licensed Customs House Agent. CHA must have a minimum of 2 years of experience with an authorized CHA as a G-Card” holder.


Conclusion: Not everyone enjoys the paperwork or documentation in the customs clearance process of Export Import. There are many such other factors that raise the question (not bad ones) on hiring a CHA. From my perspective, it depends upon the experience and size of the business whether to hire a CHA or not for exports. To know more about the world of Export Import or to Kick start your journey to be an International Businessman, contact us: 9898724798 or Visit now.

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