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Top New Points You Must Be Aware About Export Import Policy In India

Indian Export Import Policy is filled with guidelines & Instructions related to export import of goods. New Exim Policy covers the year From 2015 To 2020. The Government of India extended the existing Foreign Trade policy Due To Pandemic. 

Let’s read more about every detail. 

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–  Wayne Huizenga

The Government gives an update of  exim policy every five year. All the updates & modifications in exim policy gets implemented from 1st of April of every respective year. The modifications & changes of exim policy is commonly announced by the union minister of commerce & industry & directorate general of foreign trade.

Objectives of export import policy in India:

1) To help with the growth of both exports & imports.

2) To give essential intermediates, components, raw materials & capital goods schemes that are required for production & services. 

3) To advance & encourage the agricultural sector. Also, to generate employment opportunities & improving the quality standard. 

4) To provide clients with a sound quality of goods & services internationally at super competitive rates. 


Salient features of new Indian export import policy:

>> The Government of India has identified many new export products through various mediums which includes agricultural  to marine products. 

>> Special Economic Zones were being established to encourage exports. One of the major objectives of SEZ is to provide a suitable atmosphere for exports. 

>> No more restrictions! The restrictions have been reduced as compared to the previous exim policies. This really gives a boosted encouragement to all the exporters. 

>> Import Licenses process were being removed from major items. 

>> The Rupee was being made partly convertible. Sounds cool!

>> Overall, the new Indian export import policy has very significant & systematic features in it’s bucket list. 

Importance of New exim policy in India

Any Policies made for the better future always sounds cool. Here, the new Indian Export Import Policy is something very crucial. See, policies are being made to control & encourage with a particular objective in it. Also coming to India’s new exim Policy, focuses on various objectives. 

>> It boosts ‘Make In India Project.

>> It reduces export obligations for domestic procurement.

>> Forthcoming e- Governance initiatives 

>> Duty exemption

>> Quality Complaints & Trade Disputes 

>> Higher Level of Rewards 

>> New initiatives For EOUs, EHTPs & STPs 

>> Online inter- ministerial consultations 

>> Additional Ports allowed for export import 


Key Advise 

There are many opportunities in export import business that should never be missed as a trader. 


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