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Top Digital Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Business Internationally

Those who say that Digital Marketing does not boost their business are the ones who actually know nothing. If their business is in loss then have some good quality and promote the same digitally instead of playing the blame game.

Basically there are many things written about digital marketing tips and some run different paid programs as well. Here in this blog, will try explaining realistic Digital marketing strategies of taking the example of Export business specifically. There is no specific reason of taking Export Import business for example but still to give realistic guidance, took Export Import business. 

The list of top digital marketing are as follows:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 

The whole world knows about google, right? In the same way every business would want to rank first in google search engines except some illegal businesses. Here adding relevant keywords surely helps in reaching a good rank in google search. When i say adding keywords, I mean constantly uploading more and more content everyday. It’s not about just uploading once in a week or month. The more keywords you will add in your website, the more chances of getting a wider audience reach. 

 2. Content Marketing: 

Quality content stands above all. Content should be relevant to your business. Also it should justify your Business’s aim, objective and name. There is tons of content you can find in the digital world but most of the people want only the right and meaningful content. Example if the business is of Export Import then the content should be related to Export Import, Product, goods, Warehouse, Transportation related to the business not Astrology, whether report contents. It’s very simple and clear. 


3. Paid ads and engagements:

This is something that I would never recommend to those who have no strong budget. Organic engagement is always welcome. The reason for having organic engagement is as it helps those who are not ready with investing money. In a few cases, the content goes viral without even investing a single penny. That’s why we say Content is the real king in engagement. 

4. Social media:

Having Social media accounts for your business is very helpful in this new digital era. It really helps in building relationships directly to the customers and colleagues. Also they are the great source of external links. Here the external links are similar to the main website’s link only. These platforms represent your company’s thoughts, events, and other such crucial things that one needs to have for well established digital marketing. 

5. Automation:

Nowadays automation marketing is a mainstream in the digital world. From promotions to any important update of the company’s event, automation works like an umbrella for any solutions as it is time saving at a very reasonable cost. If the product is good in terms of services and quality then through automation, then minimum 80% engagement will be there, that’s for sure. 

6. Videos 

What is more better than publishing your content through video, sounds absolutely cool. Youtube is a great platform without any doubt. Nowadays for every next information is available on Youtube. Every promotional activity impacts more through video. The engagement is also significantly more in videos than photos. 

Conclusion: While posting any content, try to connect with the right audience emotionally and professionally as well. Everyone appreciates realistic content. It’s quite natural that sometimes Digital Marketing would not boost your business. Every day is not the same day. But in order to survive and advance, one needs to keep pouring efforts. Advance ! This is what Digital Exim always believes. Call on 9505506333 to explore our amazing services for your Business. 


Kavit Shah

Founder of Impexperts & Digital EximSharing the 33+ years of experience in the Exim Industry, with the aim to help every Indian Entrepreneur achieve their Business Goal!

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