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7 Important CONTENT MARKETING Key Points You Can’t Avoid


“If we face the truth, we came to  know that content marketing

 is one of the major and only sources of making money online.”


                         The world needs to shift to a digital medium of doing business after the Corona impact fully stops the current virus has come as a blessing in disguise for the business community across the world especially for the people who believe that the only Constant is Change and the digital media is the future of doing business for the entire world.

Digital Marketing is based on content & Keywords and it is the only factor that is the key point between success and failure of any digital business. 

Content is the entry point through which the target crowd connects to your business and to make sure that the correct crowd enters your business and helps you increase your sales. 

                 “Content is the king and his words are so 

                     true even after so many years – Bill Gates.”

Below mentioned are the seven key points of content marketing that if followed will make sure that the content is the heart of your business and marketing.

content marketing


You should be aware about the interest of your target crowd exactly and the content that you prepare should be preferably in the vernacular.

So that the local language of the target group if your target group is a mixed vernacular then it is preferred that you can use your natural language or else you can use the most commonly used language across the world that is English.

Example: Analysis the Age, Gender, Demographic, Interest, Likes & Dislike, Buying Pattern, Engagement Time and many more of Your Future Customers to deliver Best Content.


The content that you post is not limited to writing blogs for posting images but it should be a proper mix of posting related videos posting proper if or else uploading certain content that is in format of some images with text or else the usual blogs audios which can be covered under podcast. 

It’s very necessary that you use the entire mix of content marketing available so that you can reach out to various interest groups in your target group also it gives a taste of freshness and most importantly it enhances the spirit of creativity and provides something new which has an impact of its own.

Example: GIFs, Memes, Animated Images, Embed Youtube Videos, Create Polls, Generate Interactive Quiz, Infographic Images,  Short Video Clips, Connect Podcast, Share Call to Action Buttons, Redirect to Another Contentful Pages, Start Blog Gaming are the Real examples of Creative Content.

Create & Add Poll:

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It is also necessary that you pause the content based on the social media or else the website or else the medium very in showcasing your content on certain social media as unlimited 2 pictures. The captions certain unlimited only 2 videos and captions some have the advantage of using them both. 

Some media only uses words as content that is blog writing or answer writing those are the Social posting forums so as per the social media you need to ensure that you give the content in a manner that is accepted by that social media hence the people across that medium can enjoy your content and engage with your content.

Example: Explore submission sites on google such as blogging site, image submission site, Video Submission Sites etc…


The content that you post needs to be original now in today’s time so much content is posted everywhere every minute 1 million minutes of video is uploaded on YouTube same can be said for tik Tok and every minute find and 48 websites are up on Google.

So in this world when there is so much content original ATI will stand out but this originality is not limited by the boundaries of being hundred percent original.

Your content can easily be one which is inspired by some others content but then the inspiration should be limited only and only to the crux of the thought and not the entire content is lifted off someone else’s because the most famous search engine that is Google has a straight algorithm when it takes the duplicate content and it will come for the rest of your website.



The content that you post should be relevant especially to the target crowd that you are focusing on. If your content is relevant to the people the engagement will increase and the algorithms of major social media and other posting sites.

Two words that portion wherein if more people language with their country they show it to more people and hence it becomes viral so it is very necessary that you post relevant content to your target group and not get carried away by the thoughts and processes that you have.


The content you post while buying relevant should also be trending in the market if not then at least use some sort of relevance to connect to the trending stocks.

Connect your content in a manner in which It stays relevant yet you can pass across your message that you want to pass. It is always not possible that whatever is trending in the market is directly relevant or related to what you are offering or the service and product that you have to sell.

But then in some other manner if you can connect your content to the relevant trends that are going on then your content will easily be visible to the people who are looking at those trends and hence the maximum number of people will connect with your content and slowly it will lead to proper sales.

Example: Impact of Coronavirus on current Business, Indian Economy post new Budget 2020

     “Traditional Marketing talks to people. Content Marketing talks with them”


Uses of keywords and hashtags is the most important point while developing any sort of content whether you have posted a video on your posted page and image the caption that you write below it should contain the maximum number of relevant hashtags and keywords.

Please make sure that the hashtag that you use are in trends and the keyboard that you use is related to your content with this proper mixture of hashtags and relevant keywords. Your content will be displayed to your target crowd who in turn will engage with the content and hence lead to proper creation of funnel that will lead to sales.

These are some of the points that one must keep in mind while creating content which is the king if you have any other points feel free to write below in comments.

Example: Utilise Trendy & popular hashtags like #digitalmarketing #digitalexim #digitalworld


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