find international buyers easily
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Find International Buyers Easily

You have gained all the knowledge there is in the world to gain about Export Trade. You have your eyes fixed on the target market and also have a trending product ready for Export. No matter how prepared you have come you can not export unless you have a buyer


We are not talking about local buyers, we are interested in looking for international buyers. Without buyers, you can not export products to the target market but at the same time, it can be very difficult to find genuine buyers. 




So here are some of the ways to get buyers and get your products to the target market. The first thing you must know is, where to look for when you are finding buyers. Below is the list of ways you can find buyers.


  • Trade Portals: 

First, let’s define what is a Trade Portal. A Trade Portal is a website on the internet that provides information about sellers and buyers, all around the world or a particular region in particular. Such websites provide with information about products and services and links buyer with supplier.




Examples of such Trade Portals can be Alibaba, IndiaMART, TradeIndia, go4WorldBusiness, Amazon Business etc.


You must be aware that when you shop online on Amazon you are provided with the information of the seller of the product you have selected. 


  • Inquire at Embassy:

You can contact the Embassy by dropping in a mail, requesting a list of international buyers. As and when Embassy obliges you can inquire by calling on the contact details of the list of international buyers.


  • Shipment Data:

Shipment data is the data gathered from ports of all small and large ships and of their trade, national and international.


  • Export Promotion Councils:

EPC and Commodity  Boards (CBs) regularly publish their bulletins wherein they provide necessary information about foreign markets and buyers, which can be very useful for Indian Exporters.




  • Offline Marketing

There can be various ways to get buyers through offline marketing. Offline marketing requires you to attend trade fairs, participate in exhibitions and showcase your products. You can also use your personal contacts, friends and relatives to help you get buyers. 


  • International Marketing

There are various ways to internationally seek buyers. Marketing is one of the most efficient ways of all. In this type of marketing strategy, you can showcase your product for buyers to get attracted to you.


You can invest in making one of the finest websites for your product and bring buyers from across the world to your page. Once a buyer has landed on your web page, he must be mesmerised by your product and must place an order, or try to contact you.


Investing in a dynamic website is a one-time investment. Once you outshine your competitors, your buyers are sure to come visit your web page. The amount of money you will have to invest in continuing your domain will be extremely small in comparison to the profit you earn because of a dynamic website. 


You can also start giving out advertisements in the domestic and international market to further enhance the promotion of your products. Another thing you can do is start showing your achievements in the form of images or short videos, you can also highlight the charity work you do and how your company has helped lessen a crisis.


Such activities are called Branding Activities, and it helps gain and increase trust in buyers. Trust helps build a stronger relationship, may it be a buyer-seller relationship.


  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing mainly consists of promoting your product on the digital platform. All social media platforms can serve as a medium for digital marketing. You can promote your product on social media, you can also post videos write blogs about your product. 


  • Inquiry Management

When you are promoting your product fullfledged, you are bound to generate a lot of inquiries in the market. Some will come to visit your webpage and leave while some will actually look for your contact detail and call you.


For those who visit your various social media accounts but take no actions, you can have a Sales Funnel Process. In this, you will come to know of people who visited your social media accounts and then you can proceed to contact them and turn them into your clients. 


Having done everything to get noticed, opened multiple social media accounts and maintained them sincerely, you are bound to succeed. Once you have found buyers from the international market, you just need to maintain your reputation and keep up with the orders.


Finding the first buyer can be a challenge but then the ride becomes swift. Export-import trade is all about finding the right product for the right market, if you have done your research thoroughly, and followed the steps of marketing you will land upon buyers like its no big deal.


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