How To Find Genuine International Buyers

Business never stands all alone. It requires Everyone’s contribution toward making it big and tall. When i say everyone, i mean ‘Each and everyone’ that highly includes the buyers for your product. I know for all the beginners there is this one question that scares them or comes to their nightmares ‘How To Find Genuine International Buyers?’  

“Selling is a sacred trust between buyer and seller.”

– Richie Norton


Online Buyer Finding will get you the buyers but at the end of the day your product’s quality should be fine enough. 


(1)- Get the basics clear:

Exporting your products in different countries means different traditions and culture and maybe or most probably different trends. You must be aware about the locals, their tastes, demand and much more so that you are  not looking for a buyer but many buyers who can purchase your product. Also you should be clear with the language of your product’s name, whether your business logo is cool relevant or not and whether your documents are proper or not. 


(2)- Market research on Exporting Country:

To get proper insights of other country’s markets, you will have to visit there in order to understand things in a broader way from Product price, demand to the competition of product. In case you are not able to visit, just send your employee or relative there for research or if some closed ones live there then that’s more than good. 

(3)- Source:


Just putting your product on the Online E-Commerce website is not Everything. Example if you are putting it on Amazon then but obviously you will have to do the marketing of your product very well. Also you should be choosing your mind in either paid promotions or organic depending on just on you. 


You will have to prepare yourself enough in order to get a good distributor for your export product. A negotiation deal is also allowed before getting a start of your journey with the distributor. Here, ‘Import Export Agency in India’ plays a vital role. 

Book agent: 

The last way is to hire an agent who would sell your products in his own way and you just have to pay him the commission based on sales. Here, a full time agent is not required.

Conclusion: There is no such hack of getting direct buyers for your business. Buyers are not 5 years old kids, they will not purchase whatever you will sell, they may look at your product and business 360 degree. See, saying in a simple language from above points you will have leads (Indirectly buyers only) but to convert it to real buyers for your products you will have to make total efforts on your export product. Digital Exim, for ultimate Import Export Training, call on 9505506333 


Kavit Shah

Founder of Impexperts & Digital EximSharing the 33+ years of experience in the Exim Industry, with the aim to help every Indian Entrepreneur achieve their Business Goal!

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