Why Do We Import the Same Product that We Export? 

Imports are goods and services bought by a nation from another country for usage within its borders. Exports are goods and services made or produced by one country and sold to another and paid for by the latter. Learn import export online and know you can start your business in easiest way. Import and export business training makes it easy to understand the terms of export and import.   When countries import the same product that they export is called as two-way trade. It means international trade in which countries both export and import the same goods or products.  India is the largest producer of agricultural products in the world, yet it had to import the legume to export it. There can be many reasons of it like quality, variety, etc. To know more why we export the same product get and export and import training.  There can be many reasons a country imports the same kinds of goods and products that they export.

Here are some of the reasons mentioned – 

1 Cheap Rate-

Sometimes we find that the product we manufacture in our country is more expensive than the product we import from outside our country. People opt for international product as they find cost of importing product is lower than the cost of manufacturing it.  

2 Good quality-

It is not necessary that the products that are manufactured within your country are of good quality. People today don’t want to compromise on quality. They are ready to pay some extra money for good quality products. This is one of the major reasons to import the same product. 

3 Variety in Products-

If your country is manufacturing a cosmetic product in huge quantities and exporting it but people need more variety and want to try different products. No one wants to settle down with just one brand of the product. 

4 Seasonal products-

Imagine any fruit or vegetable that your country produces in huge quantities in summer but has zero production in winters, then you will import the same product once you were exporting. 

5 High export rate and low import rate-

A country may manufacture a high quality, high price product or service and export it. But at the same time to save money it imports a cheaper version of the same thing.   India is growing in terms of foreign trade. India exports have increased more than 16 times and imports more than 19 times in the fiscal year 2020-21. India’s import and export stood at US $394.43 billion and US $291.80 billion. 

In fiscal year 2020-21top exported items were- mineral fuels and gems and precious metals and at the same time top imported goods were- mineral fuel and precious stones and metals.  Top three export partner of India in this year were USA than followed by China and UAE. Whereas top the import partners of India were China, USA and UAE.  


Different styles of products can be adapted to different markets. Consumers like a diversity of international products. The appeal of buying foreign product is more exciting than buying domestic ones.  Two-way trade may be explained by variation in transportation costs and seasonal factors; it usually occurs in the context of models of imperfect competition in the same industry. Adjustment costs associated with expanding two-way trade may be lower than those associated with expanding one-way trade.  Our action speaks and experience work. Give your dreams wings with Digital Exim. To start your import export business, join our free webinar and start your trade in just 45 days with us.   To be a part of our webinar click on the link given below.   https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bqz4SWH55nSGtKj3GnJAC8 Do give us a Visit! 

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