What are the Functions & Importance of EXIM Bank?

What are the Functions & Importance of EXIM Bank? 

Exim Bank is the largest and most influential export financing institution in India engaged in the integration of foreign trade and investment with the development of the national economy. The online import export course will explain in brief about the EXIM bank (Export-Import Bank of India). To know how Exim Bank can help you in import export business Read the full blog.   The Exim Bank was founded in 1982 by the government of India to promote India’s international trade.   Exim Bank performs different functions and here they are-  

Functions & Role of Exim Bank- 

  • It accompanies exporters and importers of the country with financial assistance.  
  • The Exim Bank also provides technical and other assistance to importers and exporters. 
  • It also performs the functions of a merchant bank on behalf of the importer or exporter concerning foreign trade transactions.  
  • Exporters from India can also rely on Exim Bank for expert advice and support regarding multi-funded projects in foreign countries. 
  • Foreign banks and governments will be offered short-term loans or lines of credit.  
  • Provide refinancing services for banks and other financial institutions that finance foreign trade.  
  • Underwrites shares/debentures/stocks/bonds of foreign-traded companies as well.  
To know more about Export Import, watch this video  

Take your first step towards the Exim Industry with Digital Exim    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXVWcciieNY

Importance of Exim Bank- 

  • To make India’s foreign trade sector more attractive, the EXIM Bank of India is always searching for ways to promote it.  
  • The EXIM bank also offers programs such as export marketing finance, production equipment financing, and vendor development financing to promote exports. 
  • The bank gives support in helping Indian enterprises to find foreign distributors, buyerss, sellers, and partners for their products.


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