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Vocal For Local – An Impactful Motto Toward A Better Tomorrow

India is a nation filled with countless hopes & courage to fight no matter what comes. This time, through this motto of ‘Vocal for Local’ huge benefits this nation can acquire.

The Significance of Indian Products in the International Market is quite high, we just can’t deny this. See, the dependency on other nations has reduced though but still we need to improve, improve and improve in the export import industry. Here the right thing is #atmanirbharbharat movement, hats off to the government of India for encouraging exports than imports. This action fits perfectly as per the current situation of India. 

In Earlier time period of this Pandemic, India Significantly suffered a lot economically which resulted in a downfall in it G.D.P as well. Here, believe it or not, ‘Vocal for Local’ is the perfect motto that fits to recover the loss in such tough times. There is no doubt that India Really needs to not be dependent on other countries from now onwards especially. We still need to focus on other factors such as production & manufacturing that will lead to exporting them. Hence, #nomoredependency on other countries. 

Vocal for local Indian brands

Most of the Importing product, has a substitute as an Indian Brand, might be more or less profitable. From now, the consumers need to know the importance of Indian Brands logically and they should really go vocal for local here after checking certain quality of respective product. 

Vocal for local benefits in India

This is what says the whole story! India has countless benefits from this motto as per the circumstance. Employment opportunities will be created, the poverty can get reduced, and other such factors are to be considered here. 

Export Import Industry 

It’s clear that exports are in a better position than import trade. Hence the dependency on imported products is reducing, opportunity to go Atma nirbhar( self-dependent)?. Same goes with the Steel sector and engineering goods as their demand falls, many leading companies are shifting to exports instead of selling much in the domestic market so that they would at least survive steadily. 


For the upward line in the export sector an average proportion of credit also goes to the Indian government for running different export promotion activities and schemes under the current ‘Foreign Trade Policy’. Check Out the full blog ‘Impact of Pandemic on Exim Industry’.



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