She runs a business-Reality not a Taboo
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She runs a Business – Reality not a Toboo!

India stands 9th in the EXPORT IMPORT TRADE, in the world. India exports goods worth 2.34 Lac Cr INR to the world in the year 2019. When a country’s exports are more than its imports, its an advantage. When exports are done, a country’s goods are sold in international markets, yielding revenue and when that country imports money is spent and it’s GDP decreases.


Export and import plays a huge role in a country’s economy and hence is supported by the government by various policies. When a whole country and its government is involved in export, why is a particular gender left out or neglected or not amply encouraged to join the venture?


Women have been a backbone of a house, since the inception of the society. They are nurturers to hold the family together, even in the most adverse of times. Women are brave, protecting their children, women are everything life demands them to be. 




In modern times, the survival struggles have changed and so has the perspective towards women, or a part of that perspective is changed. Women are independent, working and self-sufficient in today’s world. She is free of society’s constraints and is willing to dedicate her life to herself than only to her family.


This attitude of women is not yet fully accepted by society as a whole. Men will have to be responsible and work towards their efficient survival if women are to be free and working, hence a fight to keep women behind the doors of the house keeps burning.


Women are not fully encouraged to work much less run a business of their own. There are only 14% of Indian women running their business, that too in the MSME sector. This means out of 58.5 million entrepreneurs only 8.05 million are women.


It is not the lack of knowledge or lack of required skills that hamper women to run their business efficiently, but the lack of will to let women run their business. Women are fighting many social injustices at the same time in her life and this is simply an addition to the fight. 


If we dive deep into the matter, we might be able to understand the problem properly and might actually land upon a solution. 


Firstly women are not welcome children in many culturally backward families of India. Girls are then not allowed education, not allowed to attend school. The fear of girls attending schools and being wronged by the perverts of society overrules the possibility of a bright future for many young girls.


Places where girls are allowed free basic schooling are then not allowed to further prioritize their education. Hence the government of India took some essential measures and made girls education free. 


This step not only helped girls to focus on their education but also allowed girls to get educated but also gave wings to their career. A mixed or Co-education system allowed women to understand the counter gender from a very young age. 


Marriages at a very young age stopped because more and more girls are willing to be educated. Women are made aware of their rights and so crime against women are being addressed. 


Once you have a vision, it becomes impossible to not run towards the fulfilment of that vision. Women are not only working but are working towards an ambitious career. Women are posing competition to the corporate men. 


Yet many willing and resourceful women are facing challenges when establishing their own business, as compared to men. Such discrimination shatters many dreams and keeps an enormously developing nation like India from attaining its true potential.


Many women who have the idea and the will power to establish a business are not aided with financial support which discourages them. This is prevalent because women do not own any property on which they can ask for business loans. 


To decentralize this issue, the government introduced policies where women must not compulsorily show their property to obtain a loan from the banks. Ideally, this should’ve solved the issue, but banks are still not obliging and asking women to comply with their needs.


Those women who come from a wealthy background, where money is not a limiting factor are seen to overperform. 


Another pressing issue with women running a successful business is authority. Women authority is not readily accepted by male employees. Some women say, when they send out important e-mails to partner up with other companies, a response is sent back to the male vice president of the company, thinking that the final call will be his. 




This is clearly a display of denial of women authority. Society must be educated to accept women not only as a part of the free culture but also as an authority. Women are strong enough to run a household and to run a business successfully, whereas the counter gender is bound to choose and it is accepted!


The solution to discrimination towards women is not solved when men are treated the same way but is rather solved by understanding that women are indeed as much free and allowed to choose what she wants, as men are. 


Concluding with a thought that not every fight is seen, nonetheless needs to be fought, bravely. Underestimating women is one such cause everyone should stand against, just not physically but mentally accepting that women are in the game and might just win it.




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