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Scope of Sugar Export From India

India is one of the largest sugar producing countries. Import and export courses online can guide to make a correct move on international business. India is expecting a huge rise in the sugar export sector in the coming years. Sugar production in India is estimated to have reached 31 million tonnes in the 2020-21 season. Import export training in Ahmedabad can guide you in best sugar export.

India Sugar Export

India is the second biggest producer of sugar in the world. Sugar exports stood 5.9 million tonnes in the FY 2019-20. In October 2021 India exported 8,424 tonnes of raw or white sugar under TRQ (tariff-rate quota) to the US. India enjoys duty-free sugar exports to the US for up to 10,000 tonnes annually. India’s sugar export rose 20% to an all-time high of 7.1 million tonnes in the year 2020-21.

Top countries import sugar from India: 
  • Indonesia- 1.69 million tonnes
  • Afghanistan- 6,23,967 tonnes
  • UAE- 4,60,816 Tonnes
  • Sri Lanka- 3,78,280 Tonnes

India exported sugar to 60 countries, and around 60% of the total shipment were to Iran, Somalia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. Last year Iran was the top export country for Indian sugar.  

Top 5 Sugar Exporting Countries:
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Guatemala
Scope of sugar Export-
  • It is estimated that the sugar production will reach 31 million tonnes in the FY 2021-22.
  • Sugar is estimated to touch 39.5 million tonnes.
  • The domestic consumption is estimated at 26.5 million tonnes while exports are estimated at 6 million tonnes.
Major Sugar Importing Countries:
  • Indonesia-  5.2 metric tonnes
  • China – 4.9 metric tonnes
  • United States- 2.86 metric tonnes
  • Bangladesh- 2.45 metric tonnes
  • Algeria- 2.4 metric tonnes
  • Malaysia- 2.13 metric tonnes
  • European Union- 2 metric tonnes
  • South Korea- 1.9 metric tones
  • Nigeria- 1.88 metric tonnes
  • Saudi Arabia- 1.5 metric tonnes

The sugar exported is around 18.600 crore, contributing to the countries’ export earnings and increasing the liquidity particularly in this pandemic. According to AISTA (All India Sugar Trade Association) export contracts for 56 lakh tonnes of sugar have already been taken. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka are the major sugar producing states of India. UP, the countries’ largest sugar producing state, has produced 105.62 lakh tonnes of sugar till April 2021.  Digital Exim provides import export training courses. Digital Exim classes are online so that you can attend classes sitting in any corner of the country. Digital Exim provides export import classes, 6 month consultancy, and life time help desk. We have trade managers with years of experience in international trading, who are here to solve your problems. Join Digital Exim and know when and where you can start your export import business. Do give us a visit!  

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