Role of Clearing & Forwarding Agent in India ?

India is a country of resources and resources are helpful to start an export business. International business is helpful for the trader as well as the nation. Learn import export online and easily deal with starting a new business. Import export training in Ahmedabad provides one of the best services in the field. Export and Import includes different terms and one of them is Clearing & Forwarding Agent. A Clearing & Forwarding Agent is an expert who specifically takes care of the customs clearance aspect. The presence of a C&F agent allows the exporter to concentrate on their business activities and not on customs. Clearing & Forwarding Agent is an important factor of export import and in this blog we are going to discuss the role of it.

Role of Clearing & Forwarding Agent

The basic role or function of a clearing & forwarding agent is to provide different services to exporters to ensure smooth and timely shipment of goods. They are experts to guide in the selection of shipping. 1 It is the duty of clearing & forwarding agents to submit a shipping bill in prescribed form and obtain the custom clearance. 2 Clearing & forwarding agent is responsible for arranging the movement of goods from a point to another and arrangement of warehousing at port. 3 Reserving of shipping space or air freighting and recommendation on relative value of sending items by means of sea and air.  

4 Clearing & forwarding agents should be familiar with software that is used for the entry of shipment data. 5 They may also be required to submit data and reports to supervisors or consignee regarding clearance and delivery of shipment. 6 They may be required to arrange labour and equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks for loading and off-loading. 7 Forwarding of banking collection papers. 8 Obtaining marine coverage policies. 9 An important role of clearing & forwarding agents is to prepare and submit the required customs documentation with the authorities for clearance of shipment. 10 Processing of delivery files, payment of lading, export declarations, dock receipt, and so on.

Other Functions-
  • Apart from these skills, they must have a good knowledge of the local laws and customs formalities.
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Packaging, marketing and labelling
  • Container arrangement
  • Selection of mode of transport
  • Coordinating with other agencies
  • Warehousing before transportation
  • Reservation of shipping space
How to Choose a Right Clearing & Forwarding Agent

Choosing a right clearing & forwarding agent is important because it ensures smooth conduct of business and delivery. Choosing a right clearing & forwarding agent can be tough sometimes. When you finalize a clearing & forwarding agent for your business, consider the services that he provides, what his area of expertise is and how you can make the best of him. How experienced is he/she? How he deal with the problems and many more. Consider all the factors before hiring. Some important thing to consider-

  • Services provided
  • Responsibility against services offered
  • Expertise
  • Commission chargers

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