Authorized Dealer Code

Registration Process of Authorized Dealer Code 

Each port at which your goods are cleared by Customs requires you to obtain an Authorised Dealer Code (AD Code) from your bank. An Authorized Dealer code is 14 digits long and is provided by the bank with which your business has a current account. Import-export business training is the perfect place for you to learn international trade. To know more about AD Code read this export import bog on it.   If you wish to export goods from a port outside your country, you need to register your AD Code with the airport or port from which you intend to ship them. Your Customs House Agent (CHA) will ask for your AD Code when customs clearance occurs. Import-export training in Ahmedabad will give you a better understanding of all the export-import factors.   A company that ships from more than one port, regardless of whether they are located in the same state or different states, must register the AD code for each port. Each AD code will be different in such a scenario. 

Importance of an Authorized Dealer Code-  

  • To generate your shipping bill number, which is needed for customs clearance, you need an AD Code. If you don’t have an AD Code, you cannot generate your shipping bill number.
  • Without a registered AD Code, the IceGate portal’s EDI system will not allow the generation of the shipping bill.  
  • You should register for the AD Code as soon as you obtain your Import Export Code, to receive government benefits directly credited to your current account. If you are eligible for government benefits, an AD Code registration allows you to receive them directly.  

Documents Needed for AD Code Registration at Customs 

Here we have listed some important document you will need while registering Authorized Dealer Code at custom department- 

  • Authorized Dealer Code on bank letterhead 
  • Copy of Import Export Code (IEC) 
  • Copy of PAN
  • Export House Certificate (optional) 

How to Apply for Authorized Dealer Code- 

  • Go to a bank which deals in foreign currencies or is an authorized forex dealer. 
  • Request an AD Code from the bank in the prescribed format.  
  • The bank will further process your request and issue the AD code. 
  • Following this, the exporter must register his AD code with CHA House.  
  • After the registration is processed, all the exporter’s basic information will appear on ICEGATE.   

receive an AD code, you must write a letter to the bank requesting it to issue it against the account of your business. This letter should be addressed to the branch manager in the prescribed format.  A 14-digit AD Code will then be issued by the bank on its letterhead in the format prescribed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). 

Process of Making Changes in Existing AD Code- 

  • In order to change or cancel an AD Code, you must provide a letter with the reason for the change or cancellation.  
  • You will also need to provide the bank branch’s email address for any further verification.  
  • With these documents, you are required to consult the EDI helpdesk. A new AD Code will then be generated. 


The AD Code is a necessary document for businesses of all sizes and types. Without the AD Code, you can’t export your goods to another country. Therefore, you need to obtain the AD Code from your bank and register it with the customs department. If you want to know you can join export import training by Digital Exim and get your problem solved.   Or you can join our live webinar and start your business in just 45 days. For more click the link below.   https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bqz4SWH55nSGtKj3GnJAC8 Do visit our website for more Blogs.  

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