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Popular International Trade Fairs You can’t Afford to Avoid

Trade fairs are regularly organised in many parts of the world. The main focus had always been the expansion of the pre-existing business or get ideas for a start-up. Import export courses and import export consultancy are also a good way to gain knowledge about business expansion. Various import export online courses are available not only in Ahmedabad but are spread across India and the world.

This year India will be the Host to many National and International Trade Fairs. Apart from that, this year you’ll be able to witness a large number of international trade fairs with hosts spread across the world.

Trade fairs are known by various names. The most commonly used synonyms are:

  • Trade Show
  • Expo
  • Trade Exhibition

A trade fair can be defined as an event that brings together people of the same industry to showcase their products and services to increase their business. It’s a good way to access various markets simultaneously.

Trade fairs can be organized in huge places, in several cities, and can last for many days. An audience from across the world can attend the event, while some are limited to a relevant audience.

Trade fair serves the purpose of bringing a huge amount of entrepreneurs together, in the field of your choosing which not only increases the exposure of your business but also provides new ideas from fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Why must Trade Fairs be organized?

There can be numerous reasons for a Trade Fair to take place. Trade Fairs provides start-up business person to study market vastly and in one place. It can also provide an established businessman with an opportunity to expand his business by having a closer view of his opponent.

Trade fairs present as an excellent opportunity to initiate new tie-ups, find buyers and suppliers. Most importantly, Trade Fairs attract a huge amount of investment into the country, in the form of new and/or expansion of the business.

  • Fees to attend TRADE FAIRS

Nominal fees are sometimes levied on the attendants of the trade fair. It mainly serves the purpose of restricting the crowd from attending the expos.

Many times the fees levied is comparatively high to allow only the most elite and interested businessmen to attend such Exhibitions.

Some trade fairs are not open to the audience while some are open to all. Some Expos are made open to the locals after a few days of organizing.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of organizing and attending a trade fair.

  1. The whole business community is gathered in one place which provides an excellent opportunity for communication.
  2. For people willing to start up, it serves as a very good chance to have a closer look at the mammoths of the industry and learn.
  3. Trade fairs provide with amply amount of investment in new business and tie-ups.
  4. Small business holders are inspired to expand their business and are motivated in the right direction of trade.
  5. Live demonstrations of the products that are fairly famous in the market can also be provided.

  1. The major disadvantage of organizing a trade fair would be the amount of money the organizer will have to pay to hire a huge place for people from the varied business community to meet.
  2. The fees levied on the attendants sometimes, is not justified. At some trade expos, the entry fees are huge while the knowledge gained by attending it is not worth the value.
  3. A sense of competition arises and not everyone can digest a fair comparison. People get enough time to compare two products, which raises brawls, in many places.
  4. Some influential businessmen get high priority while the rest might be faced with a biased attitude.

Let’s first see the International Trade Fairs around the world and then we’ll jump to the various popular international trade fairs India will host.

  • The most recent Trade Fair will be organized on the 12th of March 2021, this year in France, named ‘FOIRE EUROPÉENNE DE STRASBOURG’. This Trade Expo offers Gift ideas and discount offers for all the things needed in a home, for gardens and decorations. It lasts for three days and welcomes around 25 participating countries every year.
  • In April 2021, China organizes a Trade Fair, ‘CANTON FAIR GUANGZHOU’, which features Electronics, Vehicle machinery, materials for building, chemical products, goods etc. It is open for both Businessmen and locals and is organized twice a year.




Listed below are some of the most popular and fancy TRADE FAIRS you must not miss if you are an aspiring businessman or looking forward to expanding your business.






1Hannover MesseGermanyAprilIndustrial Techniques Section
2Jakarta FairIndonesiaMayCommercial goods
3Foire Exposition De PicardieFranceJuneHome and office design, Furniture and Lightening
4Izmir International FairTurkeySeptCatering and Hospitality industry
5Global Trade ShowSouth AfricaNovCommercial goods, Food processing industry

Now let’s take a look at the upcoming Trade Fairs in India.

  • MachAuto Expo: As the name suggests, MachAuto Expo is a trade fair that focuses on the exhibition of automation tech, machinery tools and everything that includes engineering products. It is expected to be held from the 19th of February to the 22nd of February.
  • Corporate Gifts Show: A fancy and trendy trade fair that provides Novelty Gifts and Stationery Products. It’s one of a kind Trade Fair where one can find gamut Gifting Ideas.




Having known all about the Famous Trade Fairs around the globe, now its the time one decides which Expo to attend. Prepare a shortlist of Expos you wish to visit and also jot down the potential advantage your business will gain by attending the Expo.

Once it is decided to attend a particular Trade Fair, put up your best selling personality and your best selling product at the exhibition. Trade fairs are the best way to convince people of your product.

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