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Every living thing has to go through a system. The system has become a way of life, and this is not today’s philosophy. Since ancient times, our ancestors have been following this rule. Each and every organism follows a set path of behaviour and that behaviour becomes a part of that organism’s identity.

Like the jungle has a system and every animal follows it. The plant kingdom has a system too and they too follow it. We, humans, break one set system only to enter another system or set of behavioural patterns.

You might think I am sounding like your favourite childhood movie! Well, I can’t completely deny that I am not in the least trying to mention that point.

The reason to dwell deep in the system is the fact that the system yields result. You get results in the form of discipline, or in the form of success.


Business is discipline. Without discipline, no business can run much less likely to run efficiently. Discipline comes through following certain tried and tested systems. 

There is an infinite number of possibilities of you landing in the hands of people who follow the system of deceit. This is not new and it happens to a lot of people on a regular basis, in the world.

What makes you a good judge of identifying whether a system is workable or its just another money trapping scheme. Well look into the elements of the system carefully and then make a decision. 


Let me take you into the sorted mess of the system we provide to those Entrepreneurs who are brave enough to come knocking at the doors of DIGITAL EXIM. We provide a CUSTOMIZED system for each person who wills to export.

What we offer is a set of tasks that if each and every client performs, he is destined to succeed. Our system is Personalized and Optimized according to the need of each and every individual. We have come to gain such knowledge through 33 years of experience in the field of Export and Import. 



Talking about the system, what we provide will help you will not only gain knowledge to successfully run your export import trade but also first, walk with you stepwise, for you to achieve your first international trade.

We first help our clients with Selecting and Finalizing a Product and Potential National and International Market, by providing them with a Personal Consultancy. In this first step, we help our clients select and finalize one product and finalize 5 top potential markets to export the finalized product.

We provide Customized services in which you are the master of your trade and we are only helpers. We will not select a product and tell you to export in a country you are not sure you want to export. 

We provide you with data and guidance you will have to finalize the product and market for export. We guide you with a number of ways to finalize product and market which we have come to understand through years of experience.


We then help you with setting up your company. In this step, you are guided to select a company name, company logo, visiting card etc. We also guide you through the legal set up of your company. 


Once you have set up your dream company, you need to go Digital. There are several steps in which you must complete the digital set up of your company. 

The first step is to create a website for your company. We provide these services to our clients who choose personal consultancy from us. We aim to deliver quality and hence we do not just create a simple website and hand it to you but we create a personalized and dynamic website. A website that becomes a benchmark for your international trade.



Next comes creating a brochure, in which we help you with making an up to date company brochure with all the details of the product. 

We then help you create your presence on Social Media, which is inevitable in the modern era. There are about 10 digital platforms where we guide you to create a mark for your company.

We also help with Trade Portal Registration and Lead generation set up. We not only help you with the setup but also help you understand the fundamentals so that you don’t need to invest in lead generation afterwards.

International Marketing is the key to run a successful business in today’s world. You must showcase your brand only then will you be able to reach international buyers. The social media platforms that we had created for you earlier, will help you seek buyers from all over the world. 


Now that you have digital marketing set up in place and running you will start receiving orders. We, not only help you find the first international buyer but also help you finalize the first deal and all the formalities that follow.

Your deal is final and you have prepared the order that is to be sent, now comes documents into the picture. Pre-shipment documents, Post-shipment documents, Insurances and risk mitigation, are some of the documents that you will need first and foremost.

You also need some other mandatory certificates which are mentioned below:


  • Importer – Exporter Code (IEC): This is a mandatory document that every international businessman must obtain.


  • Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC): This is a membership certificate that is valid for 5 years.


  • Assistant Drug Control (ADC): A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from ADC is to be issued for all the goods that are to be exported.


  • Phytosanitary Certificate: This certificate can be issued by a qualified official from NPPO. For the goods related to the plant kingdom, you will need to obtain this certificate.


Once you obtain these required documents we then proceed to a local transporter to help transport your goods from your storage place to the ICD port. The officials there will line your goods up for shipping and will hand you an Invoice. 


Packaging and Labelling is then done according to the size of your export goods. From here your goods are sent to the cargo ship of cargo planes and are exported to the target market.



Our relation with our clients, that is with you, doesn’t end here. After the first shipment is sent we then help you managing finance for arranging goods for your next export. 

We also make sure that you receive the payment for the goods that you have exported to the buyer, which is more important than most. We make sure that you have received all the government benefits and that you pay a minimum amount of tax and you take advantage of the government policies for international exporters.


This is how we follow a system and make sure our clients are provided with what we promise to offer. We not only guide you but also help you make that first international deal. 

A lot of our clients are still connected with us and trading with us because we provide a lifetime of services once you enrol with us. We help all those who are willing to help themselves become successful businessman. If you are willing to hustle, we are here to help. 


To read more, we have a whole page dedicated to blogs where you will find everything written about Export Import Business. The link to reach our blog page is given below:


Drop by our official page if this blog has inspired you to do great things in life, more importantly, become a successful businessman.




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