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Victory comes to those who make tireless efforts! Digital Exim believes in results. Our expert team provides result-oriented guidance to make Future entrepreneurs. Let’s check out a digital exim testimonial story of Mr. Harsh Multani. A Story of consistent learning & implementing the right guidance in the export-import journey. 

“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story that you are willing to create.” 

           – Kavit Shah Zero To Hero Formula 

You might have seen digital exim reviews on different platforms but this one is more impactful. Every success story starts from zero. Mr. Harsh Multani resides in Ahmedabad. Before the admission, he faced quite a few challenges earlier. He was completely weak financially. But he never lost hope. He kept on searching about export import. Speaking about his intentions, he wanted to be the best businessman. What’s more important is that he never quit. He never lost hope. Let’s check out what he said about his export-import journey. 

Mr. Harsh Multani’s words on his Export Import Journey 

I used to watch about export import business on the internet. The Internet is filled with a variety of content. I was a little scared to enter this field. So, obviously, I searched for the best export-import course on Google. Frankly speaking, I was not ready to invest in any export-import consultancy group. As a newbie, I enquired about many consultants. Then, one of my close friends recommended me Digital Exim. I checked their social media pages & website for cross-checking. At last, I joined their ‘Advanced Export Import Management Program’ on 27th April 2020. From then to now there is no going back. 

During ‘Advanced Export Import Management’ Program 

From day one only I felt amazingly good. Sir Mr. Kavit Shah used to give me many tasks regarding export-import business. I remember Kavit sir said to me that even if you fail, don’t lose hope & keep on trying. That saying had a huge impact on my mind. I did not miss any class from that period. The team personally guided me towards my successful export. Today, I am proud to say that I have successfully exported onions to Dubai. I thank the whole team of digital exim for the real practical guidance that they have given me till now. Also, I pray for Digital Exim’s success. May they keep guiding future entrepreneurs like me. Special thanks to Mr. Kavit Ashwin Shah Sir for personally being in touch with me now as well. 

During ‘Advanced Export Import Management’ Program 

Quick Summary 

Harsh Multani is a real example for all the newbies out there. He was in our first batch of the ‘Advanced Export Import Management’ program. Our special features gave constant support to every student who enrolled. Digital Exim Testimonial is something that means a lot to us. In addition, Something that we work for! Our sole mission is to make future exporters/importers like Harsh Multani. Quite an inspirational Story! Right? So, east or West Digital Exim is always the best. 

Our Super Extraordinary Program 

As mentioned earlier, our features are just super amazing. At a very relevant cost, we provide dozens of inclusions or features for your reliable export-import journey. Instead of too much theoretical study, we believe in practical export-import guidance. This is what makes us better than any other export-import consultancy company in the market. Because of our extraordinary features, the Digital Exim Testimonial is very impactful. Also, we assign a personal trade manager for your better export-import guidance. Hardly anyone provides a personal trade manager in the export-import field at such a low cost. Like this, dozens of features make Digital Exim Successful. 


In conclusion, as the great saying goes a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. From this Digital Exim Testimonial, we learned about consistency. See, if you are consistent with learning things about export import & you are acquiring practical guidance. Then no one can stop you from becoming the No. 1 International Businessman. Digital Exim Success is nothing without student support. So, still figuring out about starting an export-import journey? Join us today! India’s best export-import consultancy program will give you practical guidance. Therefore, call 9505506333 or explore our YouTube channel for tons of content: https://youtube.com/c/DigitalExim Let’s Grow, Let’s Win!

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