Importance of labelling

Importance of Labelling 

A product label lets it stand out in a crowded market and lets customers know the product is part of the company’s line of products. This is important in today’s market due to the high levels of competition. The product label is the first thing potential customers see when they walk past it. If you want to start your business import export consultancy services are best to learn business. Get your hands on import and export business training and know more about labelling of products.   Most markets and countries require the same labelling requirements, but some markets or countries have slightly different requirements. Some markets may require some unique information related to a product, which you will have to label if you are exporting to the same market or country. Let’s explore more of labelling in this import export blog.   Labels come in a variety of forms – pieces of paper, printed statements, imprinted statements on a product, etc. They are usually attached to or integrated into a package. 

Must have information in Labelling-  

  • Country of origin 
  • Ingredient used 
  • Date of making 
  • Expiry date 
  • Weight of the product  
  • Direction of use 
  • How to store 
  • Handling marks 
  • Brand name 
  • Packaging size 
  • Barcode 
  • Port of entry 
  • Warnings  

Importance of Labelling-  

  • The purpose of labelling is to attract a customer’s attention. Labels can be used in combination with packaging and given as instructions on how to use, transport, recycle or dispose of the product. Labels can convey information about how the package or product should be used.  
  • The labelling of a product also exaggerates the product. It is also used for identification.  
  • The label can be used to display the ingredients of the product and spread awareness among the customers about the item they are consuming. Additionally, the label can also mention the ingredients.  
  • A product’s label should also provide information on whether the product contains harmful chemicals, particularly if it is intended for children.  
  • Product labelling is the means through which a brand communicates with its customers.  
  • The name of the product and the brand itself is a part of product labelling and these labels form the brand identity.  
  • When it comes to cleaning products, cosmetics, and medicines, the primary or secondary label should instruct the consumer on how to use the product. Using a product incorrectly can have serious consequences, so it’s essential that the consumer understands how to use the product. 

 International Regulations-  

There are laws that govern everything from what information your labels must include to the size of the font you use. Your packaging must also comply with language requirements in order for potential customers to find information easily and understand it.  

Getting international labelling right is one of the most important steps to success. In order to succeed in every market, you enter, your company can take certain steps: 

  • If necessary, conduct group testing with representatives of your target audience. 
  • Experts who know the applicable regulations can perform a compliance review. 
  • Ideally, someone with first-hand knowledge of the target market and culture should provide insight and review.  
  • Your international labels should be reviewed to ensure that they are easy to read in the target language and have the desired aesthetic impact. 


The color, font, graphics, and shape of labelling are important factors to keep in mind. You can also add embellishments such as foiling and embossing to your labels to create an extra point of distinction. Labelling that is on brand will help consumers to associate brands quickly with products and vice versa.   Know with import export course in Ahmedabad, how you can do correct labelling at one go.  To know more about export import business, you can also attend live webinar by Digital Exim with expert Kavit Ashwin Shah. Click the link below to join our webinar  https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bqz4SWH55nSGtKj3GnJAC8 Do give us a visit! 

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