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How to Choose Name and Logo of your Company   

Name and logo are what makes any brand. It is important for your business name and logo to reflect the value you offer your customers. If they are chosen well, they will remain in your customers’ minds and remind them of the value you provide your customers. Learn import export online for convince and learn how you can choose an effective name for your business. Name and logo work same as oxygen works in our body. Hope now you understood the importance of right name.   Here in this export import blog, we will discuss some steps to select an effective yet functional name for your start up. Follow these steps to choose name of your company.   

1 Have a Different Name than your Competitor’s Name-  

While you’re searching for a unique name, keep an eye out for similar names being used by your competitors. Avoid choosing a name that might confuse your business with another regional business of the same kind. 

2 Name which People can Spell and Pronounce-  

Businesses with names that are long, hard to pronounce, or difficult to spell tend to lose customers. A simple, memorable name boosts sales. So, stay away from words that are hard to pronounce, hard to spell, or hard to remember.      

3 Name that’s Consistence with your Brand-  

What makes your business unique from others? Can you offer great customer service? Knowledge and expertise? Where is your ideal customer or client located? Before choosing a business name, decide what you want it to stand for.  Choose a name that makes your business obvious to your potential customers, so they will not have to guess what you do. Write down the name you want on paper and speak it aloud. Before making a final decision, determine whether you truly like the sound and appearance of it.  

4 Make a Web-friendly Name-  

It’s likely your business has a website and a Facebook page. You may also have social media accounts on different platforms. Try to request a domain name that is same or close to your business name, as well as social media accounts.   If your domain name is complicated or long, it will be hard for your potential customers to find you online or type your name correctly in an email. Keep it short, simple, and rememberable. 

5 Think out of the Box- 

Be careful not to get too specific when choosing your name; if you expand your offerings, you might end up with a name that is inappropriate. Make sure your name fits your business as it grows and changes. 

6 Do a Trademark Search- 

Ensure that the business name you want does not already exist. You can contact your state’s business registration or fictitious name agency to find out whether the name you want is already taken. Check if the name you want is trademarked, meaning you need to choose another name.

Steps to Choose a Company’s Logo-  

1 Selecting a Logo-  

Make sure the logo you choose isn’t similar to the one your competitors are using. You want it to stand out as unique in the minds of your customers. 

2 Image Style-  

Choose a logo that best represents your business and yourself. Decide what image you wish to convey through your logo. The logo should imprint that image in your customers’ minds. 

3 Originality- 

You should pick a logo design that stands out from a crowd within your industry. Do your research and see what else exists so your logo design will stand out from the rest.    

4 Appeal-  

Ensure that your logo is suitable for your business cards, letterhead, and corner of your website before you make your choice. Think about your customers’ perception of color and match your logo with such colors. 


Business owners should give their business a lasting identity that will reflect their audience’s trust and sense of trust. Popular and catchy names are often taken. For your convenience, you can explore online tools that help you filter the best business names that you can use to make your work easier. Hope you get a clear glance on how you can choose a right.   To know more about how to finalize a company name and logo join our export import business training and get your problem solved.   You can also join our live webinar to start your business. Click the link to join  https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bqz4SWH55nSGtKj3GnJAC8 Do give us a visit! 


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