How Sri Lanka is Friendly Export Opportunities for an Exporters of Tamil Nadu ?

India is continuously growing in the export sector. India has made one of the highest export businesses this year and still aiming to achieve more growth. Import-export courses online help in dealing with different factors of export and import. Export plays a major role in the economic development of any country. Import-export training in Ahmedabad explains trade relations between Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. India has been the largest trading partner of Sri Lanka for ages. India had traditionally been a major source for Sri Lanka. Trade between both countries grew rapidly after the entry into force of the India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement in March 2020. India’s exports to Sri Lanka were US $3.22 billion in 2020. Exports from India to Sri Lanka in 2018 were US $4.16 billion while exports from Sri Lanka were US $767 million.

Sri Lanka is One of the friendly export opportunities for an exporter of Tamil Nadu because :

Nearest Country-  Sri Lanka is the nearest overseas market to Tamil Nadu and provides one of the best opportunities to do international business. As Sri Lanka is a small country and lacks many resources and needs imports for domestic use, India is the nearest country with lots of resources and export opportunities. Easy Transportation-  Export import transportation is much easier between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. You can easily ship your products by water or air, being waterways are the best, cheapest, and easy transport. Language- Some parts of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka have almost the same language. The same language breaks the trade barrier and creates a better understanding between the exporter and importer. Easy visit- Most of it is difficult to visit your trade partner’s place and cross-check by themselves. But being both the places are not far, exporters from Tamil Nadu can easily visit Sri Lanka to verify the importer, that is not fake or fraudulent.

What does India export to Sri Lanka?

  • Mineral fuels, oil, and distillation products-  $334.26 M
  • Ships, boats- $297.96 M
  • Pharmaceutical products- $297.96 M
  • Sugar and sugar confectionery-   $200.80 M
  • Iron and steel- $194.78 M
  • Cotton- $190.10 M
  • Knitted or crocheted fabric- $185.83 M
  • Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers-   $173.78 M
  • Vehicles other than railways- $150.02 M
  • Coffee, tea, mate, and spices- $110.21 M

Other export items are-  Portland cement, rice, cement clinkers, etc.

What are the best items to export from Tamil Nadu?

  • Agricultural products
  • Textile products
  • Flowers
  • Leather and leather products
  • Automotive products

An export business just needs knowledge and lots of dedication and nothing is impossible. There is a huge opportunity to trade between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. So, stop thinking and start your export business. Digital Exim can help you in starting your export business.  Digital Exim provides export import classes, 6 month consultancy, and life time help desk. We have been in the trade business for years and our experts are there to teach export import through their experience. To make a better career in export-import business join our training program and we will help you be an entrepreneur or getting a job you love. Do give us a visit!

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