What is the profit of Software-Exporting

How Indian Software-Exporting Companies Make Great Profits?

India is a developing country and technology and software play an important role in the development of any country. India is not only in product exporting but in technology exporting too. Export-import course online teaches the best way to know about software exporting and export-import courses in Ahmedabad provide an understanding of how software has revolved the world.  India has the potential to become a global superpower in the knowledge economy. Software and services will contribute over 7.5 percent of the overall GDP growth of India.

 India Software Export:

 India’s exports of software services are estimated at US $133.7 billion during 2020-21. Registering 4% growth from the previous year.  The share of off-site mode of exports of software services has increased gradually to 87.1% in 2020 from 80.1 % five years ago.  Computer services and ITES contributed 65.3% and 34.7% of the total software services exports.  The United States was the major destination for software exports accounting for 54.8%, and Europe had a 30% share.  Total exports of software services, including services delivered by foreign affiliates companies, recorded 2.1% growth during 2020-21 and stood at US $ 143.3 billion.

 Services that can be exported from India:

  • Professional Services-   legal, taxation, accounting, auditing, architectural services
  • Research Services-  R&D services on natural science, interdisciplinary R&D services
  • Rental/ Leasing Services without Operators-  Related to ships, aircraft, transport equipment
  • Audio-visual Services- Sound recording, motion picture projection services
  • Construction and Engineering-related Services- Construction work of building, civil engineering, assembly work
  • Educational Services- Primary, Secondary, higher, and adult education services
  • Environmental Services-   Sewage services refuse disposal services
  • Health and Social Services- Hospital services
  • Tourism and Travel Services- Restaurants, travel agencies, tourist guide services
  • Recreational, Cultural, and Sporting Services- Entertainment services, sporting, libraries, museums services
  • Transport & Auxiliary Services-  Passenger, freight, transportation, rental of vessels, aircraft
  • Other Business Services-  Advertising, photographic, packaging, printing services

The software industry is seen as the strongest industry as compared to other industries throughout the world because of its large economies of scale and insatiable demand from both consumers as well as producers. India’s IT industry has recorded an exceptional growth rate mostly after the period of liberalization. The domestic software industry growth rate was even higher than that of the global industry. The full value of the software exported as declared on the SOFTEX dorm or as certified by the officials concerned of the Government of India, whichever is higher should be realized on the due date of payment or within 180 days from the date of invoice whichever is earlier. The demand for IT and software has increased so much with time that every business, whether big or small, needs a website or software to run their business smoothly and efficiently. This is the reason why Indian software export companies make more profit than any other business. Digital Exim provides online training. It is India’s only Integrated Export, Import, Shipping, & Logistics Program. Digital Exim provides export import classes, 6-month consultancy, and a lifetime help desk. Attend a live doubt-solving session with our trade managers.  Do give us a visit!

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