Factors that Affect Export Import

Export and import are very important for any nation. Export and import both make a complete international trade. Import export courses online has taken the responsibility to international trade easy for new entrepreneurs. Join import export training in India and know what are the factors that affect the export import business.   Here we are with another export import blog to know deeply what factors can affect export and import. As we all know that a country’s economy is influenced by export and import, it is important to know how they get affected.   Here we have mentioned some factors that affect export import, let’s have a look. 


Marketing plays an important role in export and import of any product and company. A good marketing strategy attracts customers all over the world and is the reason to a successful business.  

Currency Exchange Rate-

Exchange rates determine the value of each country’s currency in terms of other currencies, enabling countries to exchange their currencies for international transactions. If a country’s exchange rate falls, its export prices will drop and its import prices will increase.  

Trade Restrictions-

By relaxing trade restrictions abroad, companies will be able to sell their products abroad more easily. An import restrictions policy aims to limit the importation of goods or services from foreign countries. The purpose of trade restrictions is usually to protect domestic companies and workers from foreign competition. 

Inflation Rate-

The country’s households and firms will likely buy a significant amount of imported goods if the inflation rate is high and exports may the country is also likely to have some problems while exporting. As inflation decreases, the country would become more competitive internationally and exports would increase while imports would fall. 

Quality of Product-

Quality of your product is what matters a lot while export or import of any product. A fall in quality will make your business fall. Standard quality management allows firms to continuously learn and improve their standards, and helps them increase internal efficiency.  


You must be aware of that the product you are exporting or importing should have demand in that particular place. No demand or less demand of your product can lead to loss of your business.  

Government Policies-

Depending on the government policies such as subsidizing exporters, regulating imports, or not enforcing laws against piracy, the companies can have an impact on its trade. 


The above-mentioned points are the factors that influence or affect export import. Have a calculative view on each point to know whether your business will be in profit or loss. Do you know that as long as a nation’s exports exceed its imports, it has a trade surplus; if imports exceed exports, it has a trade deficit.  It takes a lot of time and efforts to know how you can run an export and business without any mistake. Learn import export online with Digital Exim and get all your problem solved with the guidance of our experts.   Join our live webinar and learn A to Z of international trade totally free. To join our webinar, click the link given below  https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bqz4SWH55nSGtKj3GnJAC8Do check our website for more! 

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