जानिए RUSSIA में कोनसी PRODUCT EXPORT करे सकते है
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Export Your Goods From India to Russia

Export Import management courses in India are well developed and well versed in more than one way. There are many people who have dedicated their lives in the service of exporting and importing goods. Through years of experience, we have come to gain supreme knowledge about product & market, buyer & seller.

We believe in giving and hence we have come up with this Video blog, sharing our knowledge about export import trade.

Watch this video about the Russian Market and you will come to know of all the products that you could export to Russia!

Russia Imports a gamut of products from the world but major Russian imports mainly consist of:

  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Plastic
  • Semi-finished metal products
  • Meat, fruits and nuts

The main commodities exported by India to Russia are pharmaceutical, machinery, coffee-tea, organic chemicals and electronics

To export from India to Russia there is a one-time registration procedure, which everyone must fulfil.

Let’s look at all the products you could export to Russia and earn huge profits.

  • Home and Kitchen goods – 14 Cr INR
  • Machinery – 10 Cr INR
  • Organic chemicals – 6 cr INR
  • Plastics and its products – 2 cr INR
  • Articles of steel or iron – 1.24 cr INR

These are the products exported to the Russian Market by Indian Businessmen.

In this video, we have mentioned some of the details about Export to Russia. We come up with such Market Study Videos regularly.

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