Export Vegetables to the World Market

Export Vegetables to the World Market

Export Import Trade in India attracted the attention of the world since ancient times. Indian spices, vegetables, grains, pulses etc have been exported to the world for many years now. Agriculture products in India have always been the top priority of Indian Exporters.
The current Pandemic affected Agriculture export badly. But ever since the nation started working again, Agri Export started running swiftly. International Markets are coming forth and easing their norms to get access to Indian vegetables. 
European Union eased the norms and offered Indian exporters to present only an online certification assuring food safety and animal and plant health standards. 
In a country like India where more than 60% of its population relies on agriculture for a living, it becomes imperative that a huge part of exports includes agriculture export.
Here are some steps to become a successful vegetable exporter.
  • Set Up a Company/Firm
The first thing anyone needs to do to become an Indian exporter of fruits and vegetable is set up a company or firm. Now the company can be a partnership firm, an individual firm, or a joint-stock company.
Setting up a Proprietorship firm is the most effective way to establish a start-up venture. 

The next series of steps are essential for your company and these make a lasting impression:

Choose a Compelling Name for your Export Firm

Acquire all the necessary documents for the company like PAN card, IEC number etc.

Create a Company logo, reflecting the services your firm provides

Register with the local government body to avail of the Shop Act License.

Open a bank account either in a Government firm or a Private bank. 

Get registered for VAT or ST or CST

Learn thoroughly the rules and regulations of Export Import Trade.

  • Get RCMC
RCMC is Registration-Cum-Membership-Certificate which is a mandatory document. Export Promotional Council is the concerning authority you must contact to obtain RCMC. RCMC is required for the export of vegetables and fruits from India.
  • Product Selection:
Products selection is one of the major steps here. There are many Agri products that are exported from India. Hence it becomes imperative to find out that one product or one type of products to export.
Once the product is selected, get the HS codes for your export product. To get the HS code, go to the DGFT site and select the ‘Policies’ option. Download the latest ‘ITC 2020’ and navigate to the appropriate section. Find your product there and you get the HS code for your export product.
  • International Market Selection:
Select at least 5 International and National markets for your product. Before finalizing the market, do thorough market research. Read into the policies of the international market. Know the standard of living of people there and the most important information, know the demand of the product you intend to export there.
  • Buyer Finding:
This is, by default, the most important and necessary step in Export Import Trade. Finding International buyers require planning and communication.
Many online websites provide free buyers data and shipment data which may prove to be helpful. Also, there are Export Import Cosultancies having access to the latest buyers data from around the world. You can get enrolled in one of the consultancies.
  • Decide Price and Costing:
Once the product selection, target market selection is done along with the formalities of documentation, determining the price of your product is the next important step. The pricing of your product can also be a major reason why customers around the world are buying your products. 
While determining the pricing keep in mind the money you had to pay for insurances, the freight rates, container tracking application rates. The money you paid to the finance company, to get a mentor etc. All these can add up to make the final price of your export product.
To become a successful exporter, it is essential that you follow a strict routine wherein you pay the needed attention to buyer and communication with them and the supplier to make sure that he keeps the quality according to the agreement.
There can be many steps that one may overlook in a start-up Export Import Trade. Hence it is important that you find yourself a mentor who has years of experience working in the industry.
Export-Import Trade is a profitable business if you know how to run it properly. Make sure your efforts yield you more profit and keep gaining knowledge about the ever-changing Exim Industry.

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