How to Export Indian Spices

Export Indian Spices to the World

Indian Spices were one of the few primary attractions that brought foreign traders to sail towards India. Export Import Trade of Indian spices is not today’s culture. Indian spice traders have been running the business efficiently for ages.
India exports Chilli, mint, cumin, spice oils, oleoresins and turmeric in maximum quantities to the countries of the world. 
Chilli continued to be the most demanded spice with exports of 4,84,000 tonnes amounting to ₹6,221.70 crores, registering an increase of 15 per cent in value. While Cumin was the second-most exported spice, recording an increase of 16 per cent in volume, in the year 2020.
Robust demand in the overseas markets saw India’s spices exports cross the $3-billion mark targeted for 2019-20. During 2019-20, a total of 225 spice items were exported to the world from India. 
The government of India saw huge potential in the export of Chilli hence to support Indian exporters, adopted a policy that freely allowed the export of Chilli to the world.
In the year 2020, India exported chilli worth 849 Cr Inr to the world.

Here’s a list of countries India exported Chilli in 2020:

  • China – 282 Cr Inr
  • Thailand – 89 Cr Inr
  • USA – 81 Cr Inr
  • Bangladesh – 76 Cr Inr
  • Sri Lanka – 66 Cr Inr
India supplies 50% of the world’s demands of Chilli and Indian exporters pose a tough competition to the peers.
India is rich in resources and Indian export holds a prominent position in the world in exporting many goods.
Indian exporters have a very good opportunity as Export Import Trade in India flourishes despite the adversaries. The government of India too is in favour of the Exporting Business and making policies to support Indian Exporters.
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