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Export Goods from India to the Netherlands is a good deal!

India is in very good trade relations with the European Union, EU. The Export Import Consultancies in India also recommend exporting to the EU. Exports from India to the EU usually yield good returns. Export helps one in expanding business internationally. It provides traders a big market target, more buyers, build brand name, more profit generation. It also helps in introducing new products to the market. Moreover, export helps in foreign exchange, which plays an important part of a country’s economy. India is in trade relations with almost all the countries of the EU. India was recognised by the Dutch in 1947 and established Bilateral trade relations with India ever since. While trade between both the countries slowed down after peaking in 2013 due to the global economic downturn, it has once again picked up in volume. In the year 2020, the total export from India to the Netherlands accounted for $3.72 Billion. This trade only seems to increase between the two nations. In August 2021 India total export to Netherlands was 57.27 Billion INR. Netherlands was India’s 3rd largest trading partner in Europe in fiscal year 2020-2021. Total two way trade stood at US $13 billion with export from India amounting to US $ 8.85 billion and imports from the Netherlands at US $ 4.1 billion. We have loads of information gathered about the Export to the EU from India and the results the exports yield. Read all our Vlogs, involving the Export to the EU. In 2006, the PM of the Netherlands declared India, along with China and Russia, as priority counties in Dutch Foreign Policy. Here in this video, you will get to know the Goods India Exports to the Netherlands and the Revenue earned.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc4kpoftgaY    

Here’s the list of Goods India exports to the Netherlands in 2020:

  • Mineral Fuel and Mineral Oils –  $409.11 M
  • Electrical machinery and equipment – $327.68 M
  • Organic Chemicals – $325.68 M
  • Articles of apparel, knit or crocheted- $188.32 M
  • Machinery, nuclear reactions, bollers- $179.24 M
  • Pharmaceutical products- $172.70 M
  • Furniture, light signs, prefabricated buildings- $165.39 M
  • Articles of apparel, not knit or crocheted- $147.07 M
  • Fruits, nuts, peel of citrus fruits- $140.47 M
  • Iron and steel – $125.38 M

At present, the Netherlands is India’s 28th largest trading partner globally and the sixth-largest in the EU. In a recent interview, the Dutch PM appreciated the improving business climate in India. Both the Nation’s authorities are looking forward to extending the trade and increase the numbers of Bilateral trade. You can easily start an Exporting Business with the help of a little push in the right direction. There are many countries you can export your goods to as an Indian exporter. Decide on a product that is needed all over the world and is available locally to you. Export import business training can help you in your decision making. This is perhaps the simplest way to choose an export product. For more detailed knowledge you can go through our blogs section or give us a call. You can visit us, both Digitally and Physically!  

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