E-commerce Fuel Strategy: How Indian Exporters Are Expanding Their Wings Online Across The World

With time, Digital World is Keep on Advancing more & more. There is no stopping!! On the other hand, competition exists too. So, thinking why ‘E-Commerce Fuel Strategy’? I will clear every question of yours. Just read the whole blog without skipping or jumping to the conclusion. 

“E-commerce is a powerful means to connect the unconnected to global trade.”

– Arancha Gonzalez

Exim Industry Switch To E- Commerce World 

On 6th August, 1991, the World Wide Web Opened to the public. Date, full of milestones. Practically, in 1991 E- Commerce did not even exist. At that time no one knew ‘E – Commerce’. Over the last two decades, the world has transformed digitally. Through Advancement in technology things are more easier. E-commerce fuel strategy can push all the exporters to become an International businessman. Retail sector too, greatest example of E commerce success. In the same way, e – commerce for export import business too is something very impactful. Just imagine the expansion of such a large scale platform. With this, consumers purchase more & more products as per their requirements. Through a website, or different platform on the Internet, your business has endless potential. Lower costs, this is what plays a major role in online export import for e- commerce. 

Promoting export product on e-commerce

Basically, e – commerce is not just online shopping platforms. Let me clear this first, due to endless confusions. E-commerce for Export Import is very good for genuine growth. E-commerce Fuel Strategy, includes an appropriate content, & quality presence. Quality presence in Digital World from social media to website. Also, SEO plays a significant role here. Moreover, Promote your company digitally as much as you can. And, build your brand even more stronger. So that you can boost exporting business through e- commerce. 

Fruitful Benefits of E- commerce

E-commerce Fuel Strategy covers many aspects. Let’s quickly read the benefits of it:

* You can update all the necessary information in minimum time. 

* Flexible e-commerce business strategy implementation. 

* Customer’s accessibility of your product 24×7.

* Super fast responses to customer’s needs.

* Efficient for ordering  

* More expansion to the world of export import. 

* Comparison can be easier. 

Top Global Trade Portals list 

The evolution of the digital world is just mind blowing. Every next day, it keeps on advancing even more. With the help of some important trade portals, you can grab the correct information as per your need. 

Some are mentioned as below:

1) DHgate: It has more than 5 million customers worldwide. Can you just imagine how big the scale is? Also, Importers can buy small volumes of chinese products at wholesale price. 

2) Global Sources: Firstly, it was one of the first B2B platforms that was listed in NASDAQ

3) eWorldTrade: A new online that is growing fast every single day. It is now a part of CBEC

How is e-commerce in boom currently? 

As mentioned earlier, e-commerce is growing rapidly. So, this is the best time to use this platform in the best way. Once you start, there is no going back. From having countless reach & engagement to doubling up the brand impression. You can surely count ecommerce Fuel Strategy in  your book of business. E- commerce is not just about selling the products online. Especially, when the world is witnessing tough times of Covid-19. 

Top E-commerce business ideas for Export Import 

Import Export Business Ideas are always fruitful if they are implemented well. So, with great ideas comes great responsibilities.

1) Car Parts Exports:

First thing first, exporting cars parts & tools to other countries is a worthy thing.

2) Vehicle Export:

India is one of the largest Two wheelers Internationally. So among live import export business ideas, vehicle exports stands the one of the best ones. 

3) Coffee Exports:

India exports 70% coffee and the remaining 30% gets consumed domestically. So, export coffee after having the last sip of it. 

4) Organic Food Exports:

The Demand of organic food products is high as it does not include any chemicals. Things are natural here. So stop thinking more & go with Organic food exports. 

5) Your own Export Product:

Your Own Export Product means a product that has not been launched in the market till now. Your original product that will just grab the attention of the market because of your ideas.  https://www.youtube.com/embed/XLP0oddpWFM

Launch E-commerce course of digital Exim

Digital Exim, provides variety full of features. E-commerce guidance, included in our super impactful program. So, we not only show the directions but give ultimate guidance. From this you can get A to z e- commerce guidance to boost your business. 


Don’t underestimate the power of E- commerce!! Remember this famous dialogue or was that different? Will talk about that later. Overall, online export import for E-commerce is the most impactful thing in modern time. Chances of growth are endless! Once you kickstart, there is no going back. So, say bye to worries & hi to Digital exim. Like E-commerce Fuel Strategy, we have a variety full of topics to guide. Not only topics, we provide India’s best practical training for export import. Overall, Advance with Digital exim, grow with digital exim today!! Call on 9505506333 to give wings to your dream of becoming No. 1 International businessman.

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