Don’t Miss!! Different Types of Latest Export Incentive Schemes & Govt. Benefits

Don't Miss!! Different Types of Latest Export Incentive Schemes & Govt. Benefits

Export Incentive schemes are a token of acknowledgement by the government. Also, bringing foreign exchange & compensation for various economic problems. So, let’s check out in detail about the Export Incentives & other important details. 

“With proper infrastructure and packaging, India can certainly become a global player in agricultural exports.”

– Subramanian Swamy

Indian Economy’s Take 

Currently, India is doing well economically as compared to early pandemic days. “Despite the coronavirus situation, our growth story, which we feel is intact, is also accepted by others, who are ready to invest in India,” Tarun Bajaj Said. Over and above, things will be fine soon. Provided incentives, ensure higher reach of local goods & growth of Indian Export business. However, incentives are provided keeping in mind particular products. So, Indian economy encourages exports through different export incentive schemes. 

Indian Economy’s Take 

 How Indian Govt. Promote Export in India

To increase competitiveness in the global market, the government collects less tax from exporters. This definitely motivates all the exporters. After all, export promotion schemes are made for this only. Indian economy, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. So, export incentives in India pushes exporters socially independent & other liberal policies. Inshort, every year specifies the details of export assistance & incentives. Let’s Check Out in detail about various export incentive schemes. 

Export Incentive schemes

100% Export Oriented Units: The Export Oriented Units Scheme was introduced in the year 1980, 31st December. These units are mainly free from import licensing formalities. The Free Trade policy 2015-2020 also extends benefits to goods production & services made in EOU. For More Details, visit foreign trade portal page. 

Export Incentive schemes

Duty Exemption Scheme: Under this scheme, it allows duty free import of certain raw materials, certain components & spares for export production. Basically, it covers advance license, blanket advance license & advance customs clearance permits. Overall, it provides enough benefits to all indirect exporters. 

It mainly includes below schemes:

Advance License for Annual Requirement: Only One to Five star export houses are entitled for advance license. 

Duty Drawback Scheme:  This scheme allows exporters to get a refund on customs custom duty paid on imported goods. The re-export should take place with stipulated time to be eligible for the drawback. 

Advance Authorisation Scheme: Under this scheme, advance duty free import of input if they are physically incorporated in a product. That is going to be exported. Here, it might include fuel, oil & catalysts. Export obligation is set as a condition for issuing ‘Advance Authorisation’. 

Import – Export PassBook Scheme: Under this scheme, manufacturers, export & trading houses can have a good track record of exports, to import duty free raw materials. So, this scheme is beneficial for well established manufacturers. 

Exemption of Sales Tax: For exports, there is an exemption from excise duty, import duty & sales tax. Overall, if the exports earning are negative, no duty drawback is paid on claims. 

Tax Exemption On Earnings: 50% for calculator tax, the profits earned on export earnings gets deducted. An individual or a company can take the benefits of it. 

Other Export Benefits In India

Let’s get this in mind, the government encourages exporters. Also, Export Incentives in India are just super amazing for exporters. 

Gold Card Scheme

Status Holder Scheme

Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme

Export of Goods under Bond

Towns of Export Excellence

Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme

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