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Diwali 2020 | Know How Indian Trader Community Is Geared Up To Boycott The Sale of Many Goods From China

China’s exports During Covid-19 really got impacted during Covid-19. Especially in India, as the boycott  trend continues. Let’s check out how Indian traders are geared up to boycott goods from China this Diwali. 


“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” 

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Digital Exim Wishes You A Very Happy Diwali 

Firstly, wishing everyone who is reading this, A very happy Diwali. May this Diwali you advance even more in life. Digital Exim wishes you a happy & healthy new year ahead. Let’s really determine to win each and every single day & make our parents proud by achieving tons of success. 

History of India China Trade 

The tone of India China keeps on changing with time. Frequent border disputes between India China is one of the main reasons of a great tension. China became India’s largest trading partner in 2008. Overall, many hurdles are still there for India China. Bilateral relationships between both the countries resulted in growth in diplomatic & economic influence. Jawaharlal Nehru too had made enough efforts for India. The Bilateral trade between China & India has grown four fold in the past decade. Though the trade was titled more in favour of China. Still we can hope for better relations of China India Global Trade.
History of India China Trade

COVID Impact on Global Trade

Who says that the economic conditions are still fine during Covid? Coming to India, we can see good results in the exporting sector. The Atmanirbharbharat movement initiated by the government of India is hugely appreciated on International Level. Globally, tourism has been impacted very badly. Many countries have managed to secure their domestic market. No doubt, the global pandemic resulted in a significant market failure in most countries around the world. We can see how India’s GDP has gone down, same goes with some other major countries as well. Countries like Japan, India, the United States have encouraged the domestic market as well as the manufacturing sector. 

 Chinese Loss in Crores This Diwali season

This Diwali might not be that good for China as Indians are approaching Atma Nirbhar Bharat. First, China Export During COVID-19 got affected & now Diwali 2020. Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said that around Rs 70,000 crore business done in India every year during the Diwali season by traders, goods worth around Rs 40,000 crore were imported from China in the past years. “But because of the brutal massacre by China killing 20 Indian soldiers mercilessly, there is great anger and resentment towards China in the people of the country which has prompted the people not to buy Chinese goods.” No doubt, they have suffered a backlash in recent years. 

 Chinese Loss in Crores This Diwali season


Benefits of Boycott Chinese Export Products Trend

1. India can do more exporting & manufacturing.

2. #atmanirbharbharat, no more dependency on China.

3. Manufacturing Growth. 

4.  Increase In Domestic Market.

5. Getting The Best Product at a pocket friendly price. 

6. Benefits for especially, toys, mobile assembly, cutlery products, glass products & electronic goods. 

Time For AtmanirbharBharat 

As China exports During COVID-19 trend continues in India, the Indians are getting self dependent. “China has taken a huge dent as far as edible products are concerned, to India’s advantage,” said by Ajay Sahai, director general of the federation of Indian Export Organisations. He also added about export of apparel, footwear, gems, jewellery and handicrafts  saying that normally, by this time, we would be getting orders for February-March next year, but we are only getting orders for the pre-Christmas period. Buyers are not taking long-term calls since they are unsure of the market. We just need little more push & then we will be rocking the world through export. This is the best time to become #atmanirbhar. 


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