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A wise man once said that “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. This stands true in many aspects of life, so does it matter while you spend hours deciding on the name of your dream start-up company? NAME DOES MATTER! It matters the most if I’m not exaggerating.

The name you choose for your company is the first thing that the customers are going to know about you. “The first impression is the last impression”. While many of us try not to fall for it but can we really help?

A name is the first thing customers are going to remember about your company, so it should be worth remembering. It should be easy to remember and it must roll easily off anyone’s tongue.

Take it the other way; people should feel pride when they can pronounce your company’s name correctly. They must feel real smart to have the ability to correctly say the offbeat name you have chosen!

So, you have got the capital and are ready to work hard and smart for your business to flourish, and you think you have a name for your company. But do you really have one?

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You must be wondering, what wrong or a less attractive name could spoil your million-dollar idea? Well, it can do worse than just fail to connect with the customers but it can and will fail to get the approval of legal documents if the name is offensive in any way.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the ways to achieve the best-suited name for your EXPORT-IMPORT company/business.

  • Begin with brainstorming

It’s the first and singular most important thing one needs to do and it’s the only thing that one dreads the most. Try words that describe your trade. Words like ‘Export/Import’,Global’, ‘International’, and so on.

You can also try to add the name of the founding member of your company, or a loved family member.

  • Don’t be too much into details when it comes to naming

No one is going to remember a two-line long name of any company. I mean, imagine how ridiculous it would be to go on for 2 whole minutes to introduce yourself as a company.

For example, ‘Dhansukhlal and sons and daughters and Mansukhlal with his wife and daughter, Export business.

Also, don’t be too specific or narrow down the lane of your business with the name of your company.

For example, when you start you intend to export handmade bags but don’t add that product name to your company name like, ‘Dhansukhlal handmade bags Export Company.’

When you want to expand and export other products along with handmade bags, the name will surely stand in your way. Changing it will impact your customers in more than one way.

  • Avoid spelling mistakes

The last thing you want is to realize that you have spelled your most ambitious project, wrongly. Just imagine you will have to go through the tedious formalities just to change a wrongly spelled word!

  • Keep it tangy!

We all know it’s no big deal to make lemonade. It’s simple to make and it’s good in taste. What more to expect from a drink? It delivers what it says it will.

The name of your company should do two important works:

  1. It should convey the message: That is, the name of the company should easily and simply describe the services your company will be providing.
  2. It should be catchy: The people hearing the name of your company should feel the urge to do the simple act of taking out their phones and look for the services you provide.

  • The name should give positive vibes

The name will speak on your company’s behalf. You better want it to make a positive effect on the reader and/or listener. The first level of engagement your customers feel towards the company is the sound of the company name.

You don’t want your company name to sound either offensive or negative. This will do more bad than good. Friendly and catchy names always have a positive effect and so try to ignite the feeling of positivity in your customers with the name of your company.

Having said that, remember it’s not important to land upon the best name in the first attempt. Good things take time so be patient with naming.

My last words of advice would be, (if I may) be creative – be smart.

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