Best Start-Up Ideas in 2024

Anyone who is running a local business is capable of Exporting. Startups for Export Business is also no rocket science. The only thing that Export Import Trade require is dedication and well, time!
Like everything in life, time is the only essence that can be utilized by perfecting practice and patience. Rome was not built in a day, hence our business needs your undivided attention and much hard work.
Greatness can not be achieved without hard work, top it with some smart workable ideas and there you are! A perfect plan to succeed is the one that requires your talent and at the same time challenges you!
In India, there’s a retail shop in each street, a local businessman on every turn of the road and millions of aspiring and young businessmen. Starting a full-fledged huge scale business might not be possible for everyone.
But taking the first few small steps doesn’t mean you can only run a small business. Most things start small and then grow to be one of the biggest achievements of life. As Businessman patience can be your greatest virtues.
Starting an Export Import Trade is starting a little adventure for yourself. The decisions you make, the risk you take, hours of hard work, is all for you! Once the sales start, the rest of the things fall into their right places.
In India, there are many resources available and so starting an Export Import Trade with an aim to utilize those resources can be more beneficial than anything else. 

Here are some ideas to start an Export Import Trade in 2021:  

  • Textile:
The textile industry in India is one of the largest industries in the world! India ranks second to China in the world, for producing Textile and its outreach in the world. This means China not only produces more textile than India but also Exports more!
India has strength across the entire supply chain from raw materials to cheap manufacturing staff to competitive costing in the local markets. Moreover, one of India’s cash crop is Cotton, which serves as an important raw material as is used in most clothes manufacturing. 
Textile export contributes to 12% of the country’s export earnings! India is making progress in supplying the increasing global demand for clothes. As the global scenario changes, people tend to keep work clothes and regulars separate. 
Now that the world scenario has changed again, due to the work from home concept is evolving, people are investing more in pyjamas and t-shirts and sportswear. Comfort above fashion has become a trend!
Of course, it doesn’t mean people have stopped buying party wears and work clothes, the demand has only lessened. Once life gets back to the old normal, trendy clothes will be in demand again and India shall be ready with supplies!
  • Jewellery:
India is rich in resources, we had established that in the beginning only. Making full use of the precious Gems and Jewellery and exporting them wisely is one of India’s advantageous aspects.
Jewellery is popular in India, with so many minerals and gemstones used to make it as attractive as possible. People in India invest a lot in buying luxuries as such on auspicious occasions and hence the local and domestic market is rich too.
Glod, copper and garnet are some of the most common precious metals found in India. Large quantities of Diamonds are also found here, as the nation is rich in a land filled with Coal. 
Diamonds are not so rare as they used to be before and neither is their price as subtle as it was before. Compared to the last decade, the rise in the price of Diamonds is alarming even if their rarity is questionable.
India’s primary export of Jeweller docks on the port of the USA, China, Japan and many countries of the European Union. As of the data available from the studies in 2020, almost 25% of Indian Jewellery found its way to the USA!
  • Mineral fuel:
The rich land of India embraces a variety of mineral fuel, including the fossil fuel, ni her bosom, that is valued worldwide. Natural gas and Crude Oil are two of the most important and valuable resources found in India. 
Extracting oil may cost a fortune, and need funds from the very beginning but once that is done, it’s a very lucrative field of business.
Another most abundantly available mineral is coal. Apart from that, the land is also very rich in iron ore, manganese ore, mica, and limestone.
Let’s take one small sector business idea that has the potential to rock your Exporting business! 
  • Agriculture products export:
Indian economy relies on agriculture more than most other businesses. Agriculture is the primary source of income in many Indian households. Indian farmer works hard day and night only to get the minimum out of their hard work!
India ranks leading position in exporting vegetables across the world. For different vegetables, fruits and other agriculture products, the rank varies. Yet India is able to secure and maintain top positions. 
Since the national consumption of agricultural products is also very high, export becomes a secondary option. The government of India had come up with projects, time and again to increase the export of agriculture products.
It will require more than projects to sustainably increase the export of Indian agriculture. Agriculture products promise a more than 10% profit margin and hence it’s a profitable deal!
These are some of the ideas for those who have determined to run globally. Export Businessman is someone who has a say in international trend. If an Export businessman cant be a trend maker but he can certainly get to say which market gets what quantity of that product.
Global markets are open to all the same way, the ones that make use of their full potential and the resources available to them are the ones who succeed. Grab the opportunity as this pandemic spreads its wings, many businesses are getting burnt.
Export Import Trade is one of the few trades that are not only running smoothly but also growing since the pandemic. Have a part in the legend that is the Exim Industry!

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