Agriota’ e-market

‘Agriota’ e-market Launched by UAE | No more gaps between Food Industry & Indian farmers  

Agricultural exports account for 10% of India’s exports and form the country’s fourth largest export commodity. India is the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of agro products. Get and export import business training to know more about agro export from India.   India’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, which is the main source of livelihood for 58 percent of rural households. Learn import export online and know which product you can export and make good profit out of it.   UAE is one of the major trade partners of India and to make agro trading more effectively UAE has come up with an amazing idea.   An e-market platform for trading and sourcing agri-commodities has been launched in the UAE to connect India’s rural farmers with the Gulf nation’s food industry.  With Agriota, Indian farmers will be able to connect directly with the UAE’s entire food industry, including food processing companies, traders, and wholesalers.  This is a new initiative of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the government authority on commodities trade and enterprise, and Dubai’s free zone.   

By bypassing intermediaries, farmers can optimise their supply chain and ensure traceability, generating value for all stakeholders. 

  • By implementing a blockchain-based verification and extension infrastructure, the online marketplace also offers end-to-end transparency.  
  • Agriota will benefit millions of Indian farmers while simultaneously increasing the food security of UAE citizens.  
  • When using the platform, you will be able to engage in secure fund transfers thanks to a proprietary banking system with a multi-tier escrow structure.  
  • A number of foods will be offered with the Agriota platform, including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, spices, and condiments.  
  • With this platform, the UAE is advancing its goal of positioning itself as a world-leading center for innovation-driven food security and championing trade facilitation for agribusiness. 


In FY21, the Indian agricultural industry exported 28.49 billion US dollar worth of goods. In 2020, India positioned itself as the leading rice exporter (notably in the Middle East, where it contributed around 70% of the total rice imports).   Online export import course is beneficial for people who want to learn international business. Join our hand and start your export in just 60 days.  To know more about international trade live free webinar. Click the link to attend our webinar.   https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bqz4SWH55nSGtKj3GnJAC8 Do Visit our Website!

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