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Advantage & Disadvantages Of Export Import Business

Export and import plays an important role in the growth of any country. With the process of international trade becoming a necessity for every country, the export import field has become very promising and rewarding. Import export course online explains how you can grow in International Trade.

Every coin have two sides. Any business model has its pros and cons and import export course in Ahmedabad provides the best service in making your career. Let’s Quickly jump to the points.

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” — Colin R. Davis

The Success of Export Import not exactly depends on the scale of business size, for Example: If You are exporting Kesar, you won’t export it in tons of kilograms. Therefore, due to XYZ reasons your Export Import Business Might get affected badly.

Now let’s discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of export

Advantages of Exporting:

1 Opportunity:

Whenever a new attractive product launches, it just grabs the attention of all the importers and entrepreneurs all over the world. In such times, the opportunity to earn maximum profit from your new ideas and innovation gets higher and your exporting deals turn very profitable. Also suppose any Importing Country has a regular product with no substitute, you can surely put it yours after adding some more good elements in it.

2 Wide Importers Leads Huge Profit:

As per the Latest trends and fashion, when even your own country is not accepting your goods then you have other countries as well. This is the significance of Export. Generally other countries import Products in huge quantities only so the profit in Exporting your products is high.

3 Government Bonus Benefits:

The Government of India Promotes Exporting the goods and they support maximum exporters in many ways. As importers pay us from different countries than our own countries Growth gets its Benefit.

4 Reduce Production Cost:

Another advantage of export is that it reduces the manufacturing cost. When you export a product you export in bulk and producing or manufacturing products in bulk reduce the cost of production.

5 Build a Global Recognition:

When you export you, your product are sell to different countries and you make a global brand. Your brand gets global recognition hence people feel the brand more trustworthy. The more people are familiar with your product the more profit you get.



Disadvantages of Exporting:

1 Foreign Exchange Rate:

Profit Margins Might get affected due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rate. This really does put a huge negative impact in the long run of export business.

2 Economic or Political Conditions:

The Importing Country’s political & economical conditions may not remain the same every time as things keep on changing. So due to negative changes in Importing Country, the exporting business gets affected badly.

3 Tensions between nations:

Recently in India, we faced the boycott China trend, though India’s Exports got increased but still in earlier stages there was significant loss for China Exporters.



Advantages of Importing:

1 Cost Saved

Reduction in manufacturing cost is a super beneficial point in importing though the dependency arises but the cost gets saved. Importing the products from other nations becomes easy rather than producing it.

2 Star Importer:

Importing a unique & new product helps the importer to stand tall in the market. Whosoever imports a well new great product, he becomes the leader in the export import market.

3 Acceptance:

While importing quality products, the people genuinely accept the product if the quality is good. Nowadays, the world is changing every day, in the same way if you are changing the fashion or importing different products with good quality then people will surely accept it easily.

Disadvantages of Importing:

    1. Dependency on other countries arises which is not good for both the Exporter and Country’s Growth.
    2. Manufacturers’ mindset gets discouraged.
    3. In Emergency Times of the Country, things get worse.

As i mentioned, there are advantages and disadvantages of mainly everything in life, same goes with Export Import Industry. It all depends on you, whether you have to rock the world or go back losing everything in Export Import. No need to worry, join your hands with Digital Exim for practical step By step Trade guidance.

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