Advanced Export Import Management (AXMM) РYour 18-Week Journey 

In today’s interconnected world, the opportunities for international trade are boundless. To harness this potential, you need the right knowledge, strategy, and support. That’s where the Advanced Export Import Management (AXMM) program comes into play, offering an 18-week export trade guarantee that can transform your dreams of global business into a reality. Let’s take a summarized tour through this incredible journey.

Week 1: Setting the Stage

Week 1 marks the beginning of your AXMM adventure, a year-long commitment to mastering the art of import-export. Guided by the DXM, you’ll understand the mindset needed for exports, embark on self-branding, and dive into the world of EXIM (Export-Import) with a knowledge bundle. Your DX Team will help you create your profile, design templates, and chart an export roadmap and strategy. You’ll be ready to take the first step by registering your company and creating your unique brand identity.

Week 2: Building Foundations

Week 2 involves preparing an exhaustive list of products, services, and vendors, and establishing a presence on social media. With the support of the DX Team, you’ll finalize your target countries, industries, and products. Meanwhile, you’ll also take practical steps like passport applications, setting up alternative profiles, and establishing your online presence through social media and email.

Week 3: Navigating Regulations

Week 3 is all about understanding the legal aspects of import-export, including licensing and certifications. The DXM will guide you through this complex world, and the DX Team will help you create your company and founder profiles, and set up crucial communication channels. Costing communications, brand finalizations, and domain selections will also be part of your agenda.

Week 4: Expanding Your Team

In Week 4, you’ll focus on building a team by hiring employees, arranging buyer visits, and analyzing software tools. The DX Team will assist you in refining your brand identity, booking domains and hosting, and creating brand stationery. The goal is to make your business setup more robust and efficient.

Week 5: Expanding Your Network

Week 5 is about expanding your network, which includes exploring trade portals, buying houses, and investment opportunities. You’ll work on creating your brand catalogue, setting up your international standard website, and gaining access to global buyers and suppliers’ data.

Week 6: Preparing for Global Expansion

Week 6 shifts your focus towards international expansion. You’ll learn how to generate investor leads and set up your international office. The DX Team will assist you in creating a compelling investment pitch and project report format.

Week 7: Managing Investments and Profits

Week 7 is all about understanding the intricacies of managing investment funds, impressing and closing investors, and ensuring profitability. You’ll enhance your online presence with Facebook ads and refine your communication with trade groups.

Week 8: Ensuring Security and Authenticity

Week 8 equips you with the skills to detect frauds, identify genuine buyers, and verify vendors. You’ll enhance your online visibility with Google Ads while ensuring the authenticity of your trade partners.

Week 9: Supplier Management and Verification

In Week 9, you’ll focus on supplier leads, verification, and management, optimizing your supplier network for investor potential. Social media templates will help you maintain an active online presence.

Week 10: Live Doubt Resolution

Week 10 is dedicated to resolving any lingering doubts. You’ll fine-tune your costing communication, meeting strategies, and physical visit plans.

Week 11: Preparing for International Visits

Week 11 continues doubt resolution while you finalize your international visit plans and bookings.

Week 12: Finalizing International Plans

Week 12 involves the finalization of international visit plans, video calls, and social media strategies.

Week 13: Preparing for the International Experience

Week 13 involves confirming meetings, shopping for the visit, and finalizing your international travel checklist.

Week 14: Preparing for International Travel

Week 14 includes exploring and booking leisure trips, ensuring you’re well-prepared for both official and leisure activities during your international visit.

Week 15-16: The International Visit

These weeks mark the culmination of your journey as you embark on your international visit with the support of DXM Kavit Ashwin Shah and the group.

Week 17-18: Trade Execution and Profits

Upon your return, you’ll apply what you’ve learned during the international visit to execute trade deals and realize profits. The cycle then repeats for another set of countries.

With AXMM, you’re not just learning about import-export; you’re living it. Each week builds upon the last, preparing you for global success in the ever-evolving world of import-export business. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, this program equips you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance needed to thrive in the import-export industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your business global. Start your AXMM journey today!

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