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Why Need a Website for an Import Export Business?

A website is the backbone of your company’s online presence, you can communicate with clients, provide company’s information and promote your product or service among potential clients.

According to e-Commerce Foundation, 88% of people search online for a product and then form an opinion regarding its purchase whether from online or from a retail outlet.

Interested customers in Import Export cannot always reach out to you and know your product’s complete details, so all in one solution for customers to approach you is through a website for an Import Export business and get full information regarding the company as well as its product or service.

Why need a Website for an Import Export Business?

  • International clients
      • Import Export Business requires interaction between the international clients who live overseas and the company to eliminate the communication barrier and build trust among each other, here the presence of a website turns out to be of prime importance.
  • Online Presence
      • A Website provides online presence for your business to make target audience approachable to your product and convert them into potential customers.
  • Influence and visibility
      • It increases your influence over audience to making purchasing decisions by providing valid details of your import export business and visibility builds trust in them regarding your product.
  • Awareness
      • Google Search Engines like Google helps in drawing online traffic to your website which ultimately creates awareness about import export business, products, services, network, etc.

Maximum number of people use the power of interest to acquire any sort of information and your online business absence would deprive you from all the advantages to conquer import export field.

Reasons to have a Website


  • 30% of consumers would not consider a company without a website, simply because we live in a digital era and consumers are engaged with online purchasing.
  • A website combines all the possible important details about an import export company and its product which is convenient for customers to figure out everything at one place.
  • 62% of buyers finalize their product selection just on the basis of website content. This proves how much impact an online website has on buying decisions of customers.
  • Audience visiting your website expects immediate gratification which means they need quick response and if you are not responsive enough they might visit your competitor’s website.

Import Export is a business that requires apt details and meticulous information about the company’s products and customers confronting any confusion relating to product description is normal but then if they do not get the answers to their questions they will approach another company with better online presence.

So having a website for import export business is necessary to sustain in this field and find international buyers.

A company with a website is known to earn more profit than the company having no online presence, especially when one has to reach out foreign customers.

Digital Exim with its Digital team can lay solid online presence for your company only if you will allow us to do so.

Our specialty lies in the personalized and customized packages and services that we offer to our clients because we know what is best for your company!


Kavit Shah

Founder of Impexperts & Digital EximSharing the 33+ years of experience in the Exim Industry, with the aim to help every Indian Entrepreneur achieve their Business Goal!

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