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What are the Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2020?

Marketing  is growing at a new and ever fast pace, it has reached its turning point in these recent years and shows no signs to degrade its progress. Digital Marketing Trends for 2020  are very important to opt for if you want to go hand in hand with the latest technology. The digital marketing terms like Social Media, Web 2.0, e-mail marketing, PPT, affiliate marketing, SEO, content marketing have shifted to its optimum utilization and therefore all the major business hubs are making maximum use of these to enhance the growth of their business.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

These trendy techniques change every year, so what trends were important in the last year may not work for your business this year.

Look at the new trends for 2020:

1) SEO A/B Split Testing

SEO A/B split tops the priority charts as it emphasizes on the testing of the your marketing and splits or separates the variables which increase your traffic, so that you can take a look on these separated variables and make changes accordingly to draw more traffic.

2) Video Marketing

Video marketing will probably lead business marketing due to its strong attraction of customers. More than 60% people are impressed by seeing a video of a product or service and then plan to purchase it.

3) Social Media Stories

To increase brand awareness, traffic to your web page or cost effectiveness, these social media stories are highly important and even for attracting young audience.

Snapchat first came with this concept followed by Instagram, Facebook then YouTube drawing millions of audience.

4) Influencer Marketing

It is basically a mouth marketing by any influencer or famous celebrity who delivers your brand’s message to a huge audience. This way is pretty impactful, imagine Shah Rukh Khan branding your product or service then your sales rate would manifestly  increase by 60% without any doubt.

5) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will soon take over the world, companies must adopt it at the earliest otherwise latecomers will lag behind. Robot is the best example here.

6) Content Marketing

88% content marketers agreed that regularly updated well researched blogs and articles help in building relationship and maintaining trust of targeted readers, audience, entrepreneurs, etc.

7) Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is extremely important in offering benefits for branding, building trust, eliminating middle person in digital marketing, reaching more people and increasing transparency in business.

8) Chatbots

85% of the customer services will use Chatbots by 2020. This technology instantly chats with your customers anytime whether it is day or night. This way customers feel that they are being looked after 24/7.

9) Social Messaging Apps

Around 50 billion messages are sent every day on Whatsapp including business related messages. There is a high potential in marketing your product on these social messaging apps as people  spend maximum time on these apps.

10) Visual Search

Pinterest is commonly known for its visual search and draws maximum attention from audience. You take a photo of a product and search for it online to find the same or similar one for purchase.

Such feature acts as a lens through phone camera to recognize objects.

11) Voice Search

Companies must rethink to improvise their marketing strategies and include voice search which has become important in increasing user base. It is saves time from typing long searches and also helps in detecting words or phrases if you do not know the spelling or proper sentence. Google Voice is a great example.

DIGITAL EXIM is flooded by all these Latest Digital Marketing trends 2020 and can help your company flourish with all the latest technologies only if you let us do that. So make your business trendy, full of latest technology and go hand in hand with today’s world by allowing us being a part of your journey.


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