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23% of internet time is consumed on blogs and social networks which is why a marketer prioritizes blogging. For an instance, if we take a blog lacking various vital tips then how web traffic generation and sales are possible?

Blogging tips add value to the content matter and seek attention from qualified online traffic. Some important points are discussed in this blog to guide and clarify the basic concept of writing blogs.

You may already have knowledge about some strategies but here you will approach them from a different angle to build more audience.

Top 6 Ideas of Writing Blogs


  1. Create Viral Content

If the headline is framed correctly of any viral content then your blog is a blockbuster hit!

Connect with the audience through a storytelling as they are always so intrigued to know how will it end.

  1. How to generate Evergreen Posts

Evergreen posts play a vital role in building audience as people keep seeing such posts again and again even after years of its publication.

Choose such a subject matter which is already appeared in a magazine or any other publication.

  • Key words domination

Key words are the winning weapons. Appropriate keywords will help in pulling target readers towards your blogs.

Proper research must be conducted before emphasizing any word. Choose your keys words wisely as they dominate the whole blog and web traffic.

  • Productivity

Productivity is always counted while delivering any sort of matter. It is accountable for various elements like necessary information and  essential bullet points.

Readers must get the pearls they are seeking for in your blog.

  • Topic selection

Topic selection is mainly chosen on the basis of building a target audience. These topics must contain the relevancy and frequency of the subject matter.

  • Useful information

The written blogs should aim on the information required by the readers and not on any other subject. Visitors surf on internet for informational writings that they need.

So it is the duty to deliver what they want.


Quality Content creation based on 6 Parameters:

  • Research
  • Search for most-shared type content
  • Use online tools to maximize efforts
  • Target current and popular subjects
  • Industry-related subject matter


  • Ideas
  • Produce something unique
  • Come up with new ideas everytime
  • Use infographics, videos and images
  • Present data in a new way


  • Placement
  • Enlist possible placement sites
  • Try to aim high as much as you can
  • Highlight the target audience
  • Start your outreach at the earliest


  • Creation
  • Don’t hurry to finish your content
  • Draw in readers as early as possible
  • Include outbound links of high quality
  • Give explanations for readers to understand it better


  • Publishing
  • Be precise and concise with the delivered matter
  • Follow up with call to action
  • Timely confirm the date of publishing
  • Involve in follow up discussions


  • promotion
  • Build solid links to your content
  • Do not ignore the content once published
  • Use many promotion avenues
  • Reach out to your industry influencers

A lot of traffic through various social media platforms is drawn by quality blogging. Marketers should prioritize blogging as it delivers positive return on investment and enhances digital marketing.

DIGITAL EXIM with the help of its team of digital experts builds relevant traffic and attracts target audience. Without appropriate knowledge it is futile to put any sort of efforts.

If you are looking for someone who can avail these qualities for your company then you are at the place. We will help you succeed in uplifting your online presence by implementing our effective strategies and efficient tactics.


Kavit Shah

Founder of Impexperts & Digital EximSharing the 33+ years of experience in the Exim Industry, with the aim to help every Indian Entrepreneur achieve their Business Goal!

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