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Top 10 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to avoid 2020

People nowadays want to know on how to get business with the help of Digital Marketing.

It’s been long since Instagram has taken the stage.

Everyone including celebrities, marketers, creatives and of course the general public are tapping into this network everyday.

Do not mistake “presence” for quality marketing!

Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Here are the 10 Instagram marketing mistakes you should try to avoid while using your business Account:


  1. Not to leave your Instagram bio blank

If you want a larger number of people can connect you, it best to keep your information short, concise and relevant.

If you complete your information wisely, you will potentially get millions of eyes landing easily on your product!


  1. Not Responding to Your Followers:

Responding back to your followers is the one key activity that helps to expand your popularity.

However, if you are not doing this activity then you are at the major risk of harming your business popularity.


  1. Posting Poor Quality Image:

Images are everything on Instagram. 

The quality of images you use says a lot about your brand. Poor quality images look unprofessional and no one wants to see these type of images. 

So, one should be very careful about the quality of the images. 


  1. Not Using Hashtags Properly:

Hashtags play an important role in the discovery of your posts on Instagram. People either they use

improper hashtags or they don’t bother using them at all.

According to Quick Sprout, posts with 11 or more hashtags received 80% more interaction compared

to just 22% when using 10 and 41% when using two.


5.Boring Content or Repetitive Content:

It’s important for you to be extra careful about the content you posting as well as you should give attention that you are losing the consistency. 

Observe the trends and try to be creative with your posts so that followers will remember your product or brand for a long period of time.


  1. Not Posting Regularly:

Instagram is a very strong part of social marketing these days.

While doing your marketing, remember the most important thing you need to do regular posting on


Now “regularly” doesn’t imply posting excessively.


  1. Over Posting or Under Posting:

If you are a user of Instagram, you might know that posting super often on Instagram is

big no-no! 

Sometimes, followers will get annoyed with your constant posting on Instagram.

So, one should take time to develop their strategy before posting on Instagram.


  1. Not following your followers:

Marketing strategies- “getting to know your customers as best you can”.

If your fans decide to follow you, make sure you treat them with at least a follow back.

However, following your followers will give you the chance to get to know them

better and find out what interests them.


  1. Do Not Buy Followers:

The strategy of buying followers is considered one of the most artificial methods to build the long-term relationship with the followers.

Instagram Stories are quickly becoming one of the most popular aspects of Instagram’s entire platform.

Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories monthly, which is 40 million more people than Snapchat’s user base.


Top 10 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to avoid 2020


  1. Remember To Post Videos:

Many companies are only JUST getting comfortable with taking and posting pictures. So the idea of shooting videos can be a bit interesting.

Apart from this,  you need to shoot and post short videos. 

It can be the secret weapon of engagement.


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