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Proven tips for Hiring Web Developer : Shared by Experts

We often get attracted towards those web pages which contain good contents, designs and are well-maintained. But who is the person working behind the pages responsible for giving a smooth functioning of the website?

It is the web developer that makes your content online and holds an important place in making your company’s webpage visible to your customer. Hiring a Web Developer again plays a crucial role in a company.

Why is it important to choose the right web developer?

As we are aware that a web developer helps your company virtually interact with your customer, therefore, while looking for a good web developer who can create one of the best websites, there are certain things which are to be considered.

Hire Front End Developer

Here are the 5 tips for Hiring a Web Developer:

1. List out the Websites You Like the Most

The very first thing to do to get the web developer as per your plan is to make a list of few good websites which you like. It will help you in getting to know about the viewers and followers of a particular website.

It also gives a vivid idea of what makes it more liked by everyone, which directly helps you to find out your need and requirement or changes which you needed.

Moreover, if you like the look and content of the web page, you can find out the web developer name which is mentioned at the end of the web page or a website. 

List out the Websites You Like the Most

2. What Type of Work Do You want?

You should be clear about the organizational strength of the company. For instance, if you a startup, then it is obvious, a versatile and easy to adapt different work is to be considered while hiring a Web Developer in your company.




It becomes a different narrative when we talk about a company that is big enough where they don’t go for as many criteria’s and qualifications as a startup company looks into before employing a candidate.

What makes a hiring process different in a large organisation is that they require a person who specialises at a single trait as they already have enough to handle different work as per the profile.

 Traits of a Good Web developer

3. Portfolio – An Easy Insight of a Developer’s Skill-Set

Now, you are aware of your requirement and have contacted the web developer; the next thing is asking for the portfolio. It isn’t a big deal to ask for the portfolio as it gives a sound knowledge of the skill-set that they possess or not.

It also makes it easier to identify whether to hire a person for the same or moving for a different candidate is the next option.


4. Hiring someone who is a Tech-Savvy is an Add-On

Do not hire someone who sticks to the technology, which will be of less use in the coming years, instead of hiring someone who is tech-savvy and is keen to learn new technologies.

It is important to look for a technically smart candidate when Hiring a Web Developer as a technology imbibed developer always helps in developing new skills while adapting different technology.

A wrong person may stick to old or specific computer knowledge, thus making it difficult to adapt to new developer skills.

 Hiring a Web Developer

How to know whether the web developer is suitable for your company or not?

To know about the person’s skills set and his willingness to learn new things, ask questions such as:

  • Their Interest in programming and the new skills learned
  • Their most favourite programming projects to work for?
  • How they tackle the difficult task in web development?
  • Which coding language they like the most to work on?


5. Hire Slow – Fire Fast

As Nelly Yusupova writes in her blog, and one should take their time while Hiring a Web Developer and if they find the person is not performing well, then letting them go is the easy option.Hiring a Web Developer

So, it is not always necessary to stick to one profile while hiring a great web developer; there are ample of talents which can be recruited.

Also, finding the right talent is now possible due to easy access to internet and skilled freelancers who are looking to work on tight deadlines by giving better results.

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