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Pinterest Vs Instagram: Which One Is The Best For Your Business?

1 billion people use Instagram whereas 250 million people use Pinterest. Digital Marketing for business is very important nowadays.

People make their purchasing choice by viewing rather than reading. This is the reason that so many people like Pinterest and Instagram for visual content. Therefore, these platforms have their own unique selling points which is why people love visiting such applications. 

Pinterest is a social media platform with 80% female audience in comparison with Instagram. From business point of view, keep in mind time and budget to focus on the online business.

Choosing the right social media may make the difference between success or failure, it depends on the niche and goals.

Instagram Vs Pinterest

1.) Which one is the Best for Your Business?

  • Both the platforms serve a unique purpose and have their own identity on social media. They are not only visual-centric, but also huge in size because of their own unique selling points.
  • Whether you can choose one of them or both of them, it ultimately depends on your social media marketing goals.
  • In addition, no matter which social network you choose, success comes by sharing great content that can help you build a loyal following.


2.) What are Instagram & Pinterest actually?

  • Instagram is a simple yet powerful social media app. You can upload or share photos and videos through smart-phones, laptop and computers.
  • The best part of Instagram is that it can be used by any social media savvy brand. It also helps to build brand awareness by sharing creative fun visuals.
  • Pinterest is seen as visual book-marking tool by the users. It can be rightly called as a web-based bulletin board. 
  • What makes Pinterest stand out is the way it lets you to organize all your content.

3.) Which Age- Group chooses which platform?

Below is mentioned the statistics about  different Age-Group using different platforms:

  • Between 18 to 29 age group-  53% of people use Instagram and only 34% of them use Pinterest.
  • Between 30 to 49 age group- 25% of people, use Instagram while 28% of them use Pinterest.
  • Between 50 to 64 age group- 11% of people use Instagram while 27% of them use Pinterest.


4.) How They Differ & Which One Should You Choose

  • It is clear that Instagram and Pinterest both are powerful visual platforms. It is important to know what makes them unique. 
  • You must know if a business should choose one or both to get a higher social media ROI.
  • There are some differentiating factors that you must know. Like deciding between  Instagram or Pinterest, you must know which one suits your business the most.


5.) Different Features

As a businessmen, you should keep in mind the following things which differentiate the both of them:

  • How much is site usage?
  • What type of audience you want?
  • If hash-tags are important.
  • People choose more of desktop or mobile?
  • If Link-sharing is possible or not.

Pinterest and Instagram both are best in their own way, but the only point is which is best for your business.

Digital Exim helps you to be clear about which one to choose to attract audience and convert visitors into customers. You may contact us in case you are confused too or simply e-mail us!


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