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Export Import Business Problems? Solve Your Doubts Online Now

‘There is No Right Time to Enter Into the Import and Export Market’

How to Start an Export Business? Is Export Business Profitable? How Can I Become An International Businessman?Want to sell your product/ service to the world?

You’ve come to the right place. All these questions and more have been constantly asked by many and numerously answered by many, but the question to ponder upon is – Did those answers really help anyone start their EXPORT IMPORT BUSINESS

The world today is changing constantly and in these times starting even a local business is challenging let alone – International Business. With each challenge comes opportunity to progress and the case is the same for this challenge.

The point is that you cannot Start Import Export Business with Practical Training in Export Import that too with proper step by step guidance. Knowledge is necessary but not enough – you need an expert guidance to help you through the same.

‘Convert Your Lockdown Challenges in to World Class Opportunities’

This guidance of an Import Export Expert can not be replaced by theory training conducted over few days or weekends in bulk hours, instead you need the daily step by step Import Export Work on your business – guided by someone who is an expert as well as your friend.

This blog is the first part of a three series blog on Digital Exim Set Up For Your Business that is Helping you start a solid and stable Exim Business with proper input if Digital Marketing.

Steps to Set up Your Exim Business can be summarised in following points, which will be later elaborated in further parts of this blog.

  1. Select Your Product
  2. Select A Backup Product
  3. Be Ready With Indian Govt. Regulations
  4. Regulations Of Target Markets
  5. Packaging & Labelling Methodology
  6. Find Local Pricing In Target Markets
  7. Find Costing For Major Target Markets: CIF, FOB – Add Mark Up Profit (Provision For Discounted Rates on Bulk Order)
  8. Tie Up With Forwarder & CHA
  9. Create Your Website – Most Important
  10. Create Proper Marketing Material – Mention Your Export Readiness
  11. Create Performa Invoice Format
  12. Work On Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & YouTube
  13. Register With Trade Portals – Paid In Any Two & Free In Rest of Them
  14. Register A Company
  15. Get Import Export Code (IEC)
  16. .Get RCMC from Relevant EPC
  17. Not Mandatory But Suggested, Register With FIEO & MSME.
  18. Before Starting Marketing Study In Target Market:
    • Political Scenario
    • Geographical Scenario
    • Cultural Scenario
    • Important Festivals & Days
    • Demographic information
    • Interest, Hobbies & Behaviours
  19. Start Marketing:
    • E – Mail Marketing On Data Acquired
    • Whatsapp, E-Mail Marketing on Leads From Trade Portals
    • Lead Generation – Facebook & Linkedin
    • SEO on Website – In Target Markets
    • Trade Portals of Target Markets
    • Local Markets In Target Markets ( Surat For Textile in India)
    • Wholesalers Sitting In Local Market (PINPOINT YOUR TARGET)

Another important aspect about Exim Business in today’s time is that it needs to be perfectly mixed with Digital techniques, tricks and tips. That is you need to not only be a part of the Exim industry but DIGITAL EXIM industry.

All the above points are explained in detail in the upcoming parts of the blog – Stay Connected to become International – Visit www.Digitalexim.com Now.


Kavit Shah

Founder of Impexperts & Digital EximSharing the 33+ years of experience in the Exim Industry, with the aim to help every Indian Entrepreneur achieve their Business Goal!

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