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Does Import Export Business Earn Profits and Satisfy the Needs of Businessmen?

Import Export business is a growing industry and is increasing day by day. In this business, a sufficient number of percentage is added towards the growth and expansion  of a country’s economy and so the nation as well as the company both share the same success. Import Export business is profitable and this year’s estimation of growth reflects it- Export growth in 2019 is estimated to be USD 227.36 billion and Import growth in 2019 is estimated to be USD 12.83 billion.

The Profitable benefits of Import Export Business

  • If a product or service in a country seems attractive to the entrepreneurs, they might be interested in introducing the same to their local market. In this way introduction of new products in various markets will take place, this results in the growth of Import.
  • There is always a scope of development for the businesses who have expanded in the local market to export their products and do trade internationally. Usually medium or large business can export and increase its sales potential at global level.
  • Benefit of importing goods includes the reduction in manufacturing costs as importing goods or even their parts results into more affordable budget than to manufacture them locally. So importers prefer to import goods and sell them at low cost instead of investing in expensive machineries.
  • Exports are usually profitable due to its large buyers at international platform comparatively to local buyers and with the help of internet, companies can reach a large number of potential buyers who place orders on a large scale.
  • Whether it is to import or export a product or service, there is a high potential to induce new range in the country which helps customers to choose something new and different in the market.
  • Imported goods are of high quality which attracts a large number of potential buyers towards it. Manufacturers, businessmen or any other entrepreneurs travel abroad and select those products which are of good quality as they are concerned to maintain their reputation and goodwill.
  • In many cases, an importer makes a sole seller of goods in the market due to the absence of any other competitor. This helps in the increase of sales which therefore initiates the opportunity for growing potential buyers.
  • Target those markets of foreign countries where no competitor is there for your product. Exporting to such countries will give you more profits than the local market and you can further expand the varieties of products in those countries.

Import Export Business is profitable and a positive growth can be seen in 2019 where Import has a growth of 18.24% in terms of dollar and Export has a growth of  3.20% in terms of dollar. In all the needs of businessmen practicing in this field are satisfied.

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