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Do You Know What are the Most Popular Goods Exported from India to Dubai?

India has been keeping good relationships with many countries and one of these countries is United Arab Emirates. There are many goods which are exported from India to Dubai and Dubai exports have also been quite beneficial. UAE has been importing goods from our country since quite a long time and not only for oil but for other products as well.

Following are the list of products that are most popular and are exported from India to Dubai.

Popular Products Exported to Dubai

  • Mineral fuel, waxes and oil

These products are exported to many countries in bulk and UAE has also been taking such products. India is a regular exporter of such goods to Dubai.

  • Steel and Iron

Our country has always been an important partner to UAE for the selling of Iron and steel. Exportation of products of iron and steel

And ores are mainly sold in this category.

  • Cereals

Other than oil products exported to Dubai, cereals have marked it’s position in selling flakes, oats, breads, etc

  • Ships and boats

Heavy export like exporting ships and boats have also contributed I’m adding to this list.

  • Fruits and Nuts

Fresh fruits are selected with hygiene and nicely packed. Nuts are very nutritious and are packed before selling to Dubai. India was already known for fresh and healthy fruits.

  • Organic Chemicals

These organic chemicals are used in Indiaand are sold to many other countries who need it. United Arab Emirates imports organic chemicals and use them for several purposes.

  • Perfumes and Essential Oils

Perfumes and essential oils are always in demand due to its attractive properties like perfumes for fragrance and essential oils for it’s skin benefits. UAE imports these products as well in a good quantity.

  • Inorganic Chemicals

India also produces inorganic chemicals which are needed in foreign countries also. UAE buys or imports these chemicals from India to make beneficial uses of it.

  • Tea and Coffee

As we know India is the largest exporter of tea and coffee in the whole world and these items are exported in huge bulk, therefore even Dubai has been importing it for a long time.

  • Machinery and Nuclear reactors
    • Machinery and nuclear reactors are required by so many countries and UAE also has interest in buying them and is importing from India.
  • Cultured or Natural pearls and Precious stones
    • These are very much demanded by women from all around the globe and are used as beauty accessories. Women in Dubai also are found of Indian pearls and precious stones which are imported to their country.

This is the list of goods exported from India to Dubai for different types of utilization. This also displays a good and health trade relationship between India and Dubai.


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