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Digital Marketing Hacks in 2019

In today’s ever-changing organizational environment, the importance of digital marketing has never been greater. This is an integral step to success and an excellent way to build client’s and customer’s confidence in you.

Digital marketing allows you to have a higher-than-average understanding of modern systems and can make you incomparably popular among clients. Therefore, it is not only essential to develop amazing products, but market them the right way.

Digital Marketing Hacks 2019

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy

We have all heard the old maxim, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. However, are you actively planning your marketing for 2019? Uncertain right, especially as a small businessperson. We have no time, no budget, and no resources.

Nevertheless, we think that if you clearly understand your client base, then you can reprogram their usage of your product or service. However, it all begins with their notice. This is generally the hardest aspect, honestly.

  1. Know your buyer (Organic Leads)

According to Hubspot, a user persona is a semi-fictional reflection of your optimal customer based on market study and real data of your existing customers. Therefore, if you can interpret who this individual is entirely, then you will understand what type of phrases, words and pictures can get their attention.

After you have their attention, focus on getting their interest. Take them to a smart homepage or video that helps keep their attention for more than a few seconds. Make sure you use Google Analytics as well as other promotional metrics to understand these customers and their attention period and the use of your website.


But, before all that you need to figure out the keywords, your prospective clients are looking for. Start with a list of business-related subjects and figure out the likely search keywords. To narrow down the list, use instruments like Google Ad Words Keyword Planner and the associated search term functionality of Google Search.

You can also leverage Google and other search engines’ auto-suggest features to simplify keywords. Play with this fantastic tool called ‘answer the public’ to find out lookup terms’ queries, prepositions and correlations in a computerized manner for credible content.

Digital Marketing Hacks

Long-tail and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords must also be used.

For this purpose, use a tool LSI Graph. LSI keywords are crucial for SEO since they are syntactically related to the primary keyword and can be a marvel for search ranking.

Therefore, a combination of primary keywords and a list of niche, long-tail, LSI keywords should be present in your keyword approach. Now, you can start producing content with the right on-page optimization strategies to appear as a top headline when prospective customers seek the solutions that you offer. This will draw more people to your official site.

From there, you need to retrieve their information with a seamless and inconspicuous form or data gathering point, which will display their interest in your product.

Getting a client to buy your product or service straight away can be challenging. Digital entrepreneurs have explained that it takes approximately seven touches to get a customer to buy. So, make sure you are placing together optimal drip and content campaigns to foster the user nearly the entire way through the funnel to the purchase point.

The result is the required action. Get individuals to purchase and then persuade individuals to stay or come back. This is defined as the AIDA digital marketing funnel. Please also ask those pleased clients for five Star Reviews referrals.

  1. Useful Content

The real hack here is valuable content, which has become much more critical in today’s SEO race to succeed. With the help of AI and machine learning techniques, search engines have become more intelligent. Therefore, there is no replacement for quality content in online marketing.

content Marketing

  1. Giveaways and Contests

Most companies organize contests or giveaways via popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or by teaming up with eCommerce giants. These competitions usually take place randomly when revenues are slow.

Giveaways are also aligned with something major, such as a festival, event or release of a product. These assist individuals in becoming more interested in the offer and thus enhance the reach of customers.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility has brought even smaller firms to the forefront of commercial debates and assisted them in receiving financing from big angel investors. What happens more today is that, instead of traditional CSR operations, businesses are trying to address an issue with which they can relate and which is close to individuals.

The responsibility for returning to its “origins” would not only be a significant deal for the community itself, but the business would receive national or even global recognition.

  1. Reuse and Recycle

Have you received many likes from your last LinkedIn article? If yes, reuse the blog post article by modifying parts of it. Content is king in the moment of SEO and Organic leads, and web-scraping will assist you in making the most of the opportunities that arise.

Regularly find the most excellent content on the web and attempt to find something comparable, write comparison posts, or review posts to maintain pulling more customers through the organic feed.

In the last, keep that in mind. Digital marketing is a marathon, and it is a test of your endurance. Make sure to count among the top digital marketing marathoner in 2019.

So, that is it for the post. Let us know what strategy has helped you draw more attention to the website.

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