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COVID-19 Pandemic: Doubling Down Digital Transformation in Companies


It is undetectable by naked eyes. this virus is one such incident in the history of humankind that will change the lives of people forever.

As we all know Coronavirus spreads only through touch !!

Talking about business the coronavirus has intensified and doubled the dependency on digital media now when contact is tricky and it main lead to contracting the virus and its disease, does become difficult to trust people who visit us who meet us or whom we come in physical contact of any kind, because of this the dependency on digital mode, ease of doing business increases to a very large extent.

The business is who have adapted to the digital mode of doing business will prosper and progress and the business is which have not will find it very difficult to survive in the market.

The goal of strong digital transformation is to use effective technology to solve traditional problems.

Since the inception of digital media many people and many businessman are ours to the working of digital media and have faced many many difficulties majority of them which were mental blockages in accepting this particular medium of conducting business but post Corona when the markets resume the businesses will find themselves in the midst of digital media and each and every business will be forced to adapt to it.

The impact of coronavirus is so used on all the sectors of human life that it will not be the same ever again even after we have developed all the vaccinations and got proper medicines against it.

Not just the marketing but the entire process of doing business starting from…

  • administration to human resource management
  • HR to finance management to client Service Delivery
  • Client Service to maintaining the stock

Each and everything in needs to be converted to digital medium which in turn will heavily reduce the costs and overheads that one used to Inks in the traditional manner of doing business.


Less Human Dependency:

The dependency on people will reduce the reach of the business two new customers will increase rapidly and fast and in the coming times the only thing that will win is the best quality whether it be related to service or the product.

Online Communicating:

Most of the people like us – Due respect to CHANGE – Working from home. Starting from Entrepreneur, Classroom Teacher, Retailer to Field Workers.

Decline in Traditional Marketing:

National leaders and ideas of traditional / Offline marketing will now hold no value as the only thing that will sell is the digital quality content that one presents for his or her product or services.

Virtual Events:

As all social gathering prohibited, The biggest hit of this year would be Event & Travel Industry. Sifting budget from offline events to virtual events is the only smart way to survive in such challenging times.

Corona has changed the mannerism of running business in a great manner and this change is there to stay and develop over the period of time.

Digital medium of doing business is not just limited to converting your marketing to digital in spite of the fact that digital marketing plays a major role in the entire business process.

It is a blessing in disguise because the digital medium of doing business is highly beneficial as well as impact. one if properly uses this digital medium to conduct his or her business the prophets will increase exponentially because the cost will decrease the marketing will be very effective and the business can be spread without the variety of boundaries of city, state or country.

It is now time for each and every business to think in a manner in which they can adapt digital transformation in the business and make the business completely digital and go global with


Kavit Shah

Founder of Impexperts & Digital EximSharing the 33+ years of experience in the Exim Industry, with the aim to help every Indian Entrepreneur achieve their Business Goal!

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4 thoughts on “COVID-19 Pandemic: Doubling Down Digital Transformation in Companies

  1. Vrunda Parikh says:

    it was very informative…

    1. Kavit Ashwin Shah says:

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Kamal hossain says:

    I can speak Hindi.
    I don’t know English

    1. Kavit Ashwin Shah says:

      IT’s Alright. Read our blogs with dictionary so that you can learn & acquire relevant knowledge both in English as well as export import 🙂

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