Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharma Industry
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Best 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharma Industry

This is a whole new digital age where all the businesses want to avail the benefits of Digital Marketing. Import and export courses online will help in getting the knowledge of using different ways of digital marketing to expand business. Import export course in Ahmedabad provides one of the best guidance for export import business.

Advertising for pharma and healthcare on digital platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing is expected to rise to $10 billion by 2020.

The Ads spend is 13% more than what usually rest of the businesses are presently spending. Online Marketing will allow customers to have 24/7 access to health resources, important knowledge and beneficial solutions.

Pharmaceutical marketing will change the way of how pharmaceutical industry interact with the customers, grow transparency and engage with clients. Through digital marketing you can advertise not only in your place at world level.


Pharmaceutical industry for SEO


10 Pharma Digital Marketing Strategies

1 Know your Target Audience

 As per your business nature you can identify your target audience.

Keep in mind before providing any knowledge, you must keep in mind what your audience wants. Mostly importantly, what details are they expecting you to give as well as how useful it is to them.

2 User-friendly website

People don’t like complicated websites. People are most likely to expect you to develop a website which is easily understood by them. Provided information must be informative but also easy to understand by the people.

Doctors and patients both will conduct a deep research before using any drug. So, your website will be ranked according to the accuracy of given information.

3 Social Media Marketing 

40% users of social media, find information provided on it as useful.

India has 2nd highest no. of Facebook user. Therefore, pharma industry cannot afford to miss a chance to promote itself on it. You may not directly advertise or promote drugs on it but can give informative and healthy posts on it.



Social Media Marketing for Pharma


4 Pharma SEO

Health related topics are 3rd most popular activity on internet. In addition, it is the work of SEO to make visitors land on your website using the right keywords.

Moreover, this will make your brand more visible online and make your site on the top position of search engines.

5 Influencers

90% of people between 18 to 24 age are likely to trust advices and facts given on social media.

Whereas 70% of millennials are influenced by their peers when they recommend a thing. So pharma industry can work with some industry influencers to boost its income and awareness.

For example: Amitabh Bachchan is the goodwill ambassador for Polio UNICEF campaign.

6 Content Marketing

 Pharma Industry is an industry where advertising of drugs is restricted.

So it is important to plan for a content marketing strategy that too considering rules and regulations of law. Now there are smart customers who seek for good knowledge, so write interesting blogs and articles for them.

7 Value-driven content

Nowadays, audience has wide access to web content and can have deep insights of this industry.

Firstly, you must deliver value-driven content that attracts visitors along with relevant details.

Secondly, give answers to patients in a inspiring way and get engaged with them to build trust in them. Also, run campaigns on Facebook to share worthy content.

8 Get active on right Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube provide you a large audience which can be turned into customers.

Likewise, one must be active on those apps which are helpful to attract more audience.



right Social Media Platforms


9 Automated Messaging Apps

These messaging apps send messages automatically to engage with customer. It is a good chance to converse in personal with clients, patients and partners.

Chatbots are very helpful in this case and earn the trust of people. These are the systems that automatically interact via text messages or voice interface.

10 Email Marketing for Clients

It is found that that for 68% of healthcare professionals prefer email as their communication choice. This was mentioned in a survey conducted by HealthLink Dimensions.

Email is the best option to consider to keep in touch and engage with people.

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