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A Comprehensive Guideline on How to Start Import and Export Business in 2020?

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Import and Export sound very common words, right? But precisely what it is? Import means buy foreign goods and services by citizens, businesses, and the government of a country. Exporting means services and goods which are built by one nation is purchased by other nation.

With this Internet era, many businesses start the competition all around the world. When any business starts growing and enlarging, entrepreneurs begin to endeavor to become more competitive, with importing or exporting.

Why Import And Export is Important?

To grow the national economies as well as to expand the global market is not at all an easy task, but import and export business is doing a good job here. Every country is enriched with decisive advantages in resources and skills. Let’s have a look at some examples; many states have natural resources like timber, fossil fuels, soil, metals, and minerals, and when any other countries gave shortages of many of these.

Individual consumers and many businesses need imports. Some countries often need to import goods because they aren’t available domestically. Imported products are given a better price or more choices for consumers, which also helps to improve the standard of living.

When country exports, it means more domestic economic activity is occurring. If your country doing more exports is means more jobs, more production and off course more revenue.

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Export has also created employment, let’s take an example, BMW factory is in Oxford and Nissan in Sunderland, so they created many jobs in their particular industries. Exploration has a direct connection with economic growth.

How To Do Import And Export Business ?

If you want to start an import and export business, then you have many numbers of opportunities to take into consideration. If you have international relations, global finance, and helpful background in business, then you can easily start an import/export because these things give you a better understanding to sell or buy a product from overseas suppliers.

First of all, you need your own business because to start import and export business;you need to fulfill the firstcriteria for it. As you cannot do individual import and export business. Like you have any automobile business or grocery store, then you don’t automatically temper to apply for different licenses and permits for your import-export business. Creating a website with registered business is a good idea to go with.

The best way is to start a new company or business and apply for the import and export business. Get PAN card, DIN number, current account, and complete another requirement for it.

2. Find the Best Import/ Exporting Requirement:

In India, if you want to start import and export business, then you need to take this second most crucial step. You need to research what kind of products you want to do import/export because there are lots of international rules and regulations as well as Indian laws of government also apply.

You need to identify which kind of goods are high in demand in some countries and which can be easily imported from India. When you find a specific product to import and export in or from India, you are required to apply for the license.

3.Know Rules and Regulation for Import/Export

Each and every country have their own rules for importing and exporting. For example, some countries only accept only those products which conform to the Indian standard, Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

These rules and regulations apply for exporting also. There are specific things that you cannot import to India though they match or surpass international standards.

4: Get Import Export Code

When you are done with all the above steps, then you can apply the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and also apply for import/export code. IEC requires for different export-related documentation.

Ordinarily, IEC permits you to import and export some type of products under some selected category, like chemicals. But an IEC did not permit you to import-export of precarious goods, munitions, weapons and ammunition, and many other things.

In the end, search for providers who can be your one-stop solution. Normally, an export development council provides you potential database and some qualified along with proper importers overseas and exporters outside. That’s really helpful; these companies are directly connected to the government of India.

To find customers in abord, you have to provide samples of your products because no one believes in quality without experimenting, especially if you have a food product. This same truth applies to import goods. Providing free samples can help identify new clients about your quality as well as standards.


Once you are done with the steps as mentioned above, take a step further with the in-detail planningof the import-export business in 2020. If you are looking for an industry expert, who can help you acquire import and export services and set up, then join hands us to leverage our 33+ years of legacy and expertise or visit now.


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